After he met with G-7 leaders this weekend, Joe Biden made an interview with the media on Sunday.

During his speech, Biden went off his script and he started saying some nonsense about the previous president Donald Trump and global warming.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported:

Joe Biden: Alliance and suggested maybe you shouldn’t get the quad, meaning India, Japan, Australia and the United States working together. And maybe you shouldn’t be pushing on “strengthening” the European Union to deal with the West not just to have, and so on. And, I said for an American president.

At one point UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to step in and correct Joe Biden after Sleepy Joe interrupted the Prime Minister to welcome the President of South Africa.

Here’s the actual conversation between Biden and Johnson previously reported by The Gateway Pundit:

Boris Johnson: And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South Korea)…

Joe Biden: And the President of South Africa.

Boris Johnson: And the President of South Africa as, as, as I said.

Joe Biden: Oh, you did?

Boris Johnson: I certainly did.

And everyone inside the room laughs.

That won’t make any headlines in the fake news media.

Biden said that his battery was low and he looked and sounded exhausted at the end while reporters were shouting questions.

Then he told the reporters that he is “going to get in trouble” with his staff. Afterward, Biden leaned forward and answered a question about sanctions in a creepy voice: “120 days. Give me a break – need time”

The corporate media reported that Joe Biden’s disastrous performance at the G7 summit was a success.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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