On Thursday, Joe Biden made an announcement about his administration’s effort to withdraw US troops and wind down the war in Afghanistan.

Biden said on Thursday echoing Trump, “We did not go to Afghanistan to nation-build.”

While delivering his remarks, Biden attempted to take credit for the Bin Laden raid he opposed after he forgot what he is talking about.

It has been more than nine years ago since Biden advised Barack Obama not to move forward with a special ops raid to take out Bin Laden.

“The president, he went around the table with all the senior people, including the chiefs of staff, and he said, ‘I have to make a decision. What is your opinion?’ He started with the national security advisor, the Secretary of State, and he ended with me,” Biden said.

“He said, ‘Joe, what do you think?’ And I said … ‘Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go.’”

This is not the first time that Joe Biden attempted to include and rewrite history related to his opposition to the Bin Laden raid.

Biden lied after being confronted by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy about his opposition to the 2011 Bin Laden raid last year.

Here’s an excerpt from a Fox News report last January 2020:

“As commander in chief, if you were ever handed a piece of intelligence that said you could stop an imminent attack on Americans — but you have to use an airstrike to take out a terrorist leader — would you pull the trigger?” Fox News asked Biden.

“Well we did – the guy’s name was Usama bin Laden,” Biden replied.

“Didn’t you tell President Obama not to go after bin Laden that day?” Fox News followed up.

“No, I didn’t,” Biden said.

That’s not the story Biden told almost eight years ago during a retreat in Maryland for congressional Democrats, as he described a tense 2011 strategy session ahead of the raid.

“Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go — we have to do two more things to see if he’s there,” Biden had said in January 2012 of the strategy session.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Fox News

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  1. Big Ed

    Good old Joe-it’s hard to tell when he has just forgotten what really happened or if he’s just lying through his teeth, again. Joe personally killed Bin Laden, he personally developed the vaccine for COVID-19, he fixed the immigration system which Trump had screwed up, and he brought the economy back to life after Trump almost killed it.


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