I have seen a lot of her public speeches, and there is one thing that won’t change at all – Kamala Harris is a complete weirdo.

Her behavior is becoming more and more bizarre every day, how can a VP behave like this?

In fact, this video clip we’re about to share is just one of the many instances she shows complete weirdness.

In this clip, she’s seen squirming around like a snake while talking about the vaccine.

Even ordinary people can see that Kamala looks extremely uncomfortable discussing the “Bible.”

Is she having a self-appointed exorcism?

And forget the weird squirming for a moment, how about her bizarre delivery?

Trying to convince Americans to get this vaccine by using “religion” is like trying to convince a woman wearing white gloves to eat a ketchup popsicle.

It ain’t happening, lady – you look demonic and sound phony.

You can watch the video below:

They should’ve really thought of someone better than Kamala Harris to start tiring to peddle this vaccine like a Baptist preacher.

Social media people seem not to like Kamala at all, here are some of the comments:

“Um, this is weird.”

“What’s creepier this clip or the vaccine?”

“She looks like she’s the bride of Satan.”

“Why is she moving around all weirdish?”

“What the hell is wrong with her neck ?”

“How the hell did she climb the ladder?”

“She doesn’t like talking to the public.”


“We’re doomed!”

“2 things to note, you can see she knows she is talking BS about this love your neighbor stuff, also the body language and tone subjects she has no regard for the Bible …”

It’s awkward for her and it’s really awkward for us.

As it stands now, she and Joe should take a back seat, otherwise, Americans will never buy into this.

Source: WayneDupree

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