Does Nancy Pelosi have any religious faith? She does because she claims that she is Catholic. However, it is definitely open to debate whether this woman is Catholic in name only. Seriously, how many Catholics do you know that are as adamantly pro-choice as she is? Moreover, she has sunk to a new low with some of the flawed logic on what she thinks makes her an expert on abortion. You see, Nancy Pelosi loves to remind the American people ad nauseum that she is the mother of 5 children and that fact somehow makes her an expert on the issue of a “woman’s right to choose.” The fact that Nancy Pelosi is a mother aside, perhaps Nancy Pelosi is so highly invested in the right to choose death for an unborn baby that she is forgetting the science regarding this important subject.

Here it is, according to the Cleveland Clinic:

In the fourth month of gestation, an unborn baby encounters a great deal of milestones. First of all, they can normally hear your baby’s heartbeat through an instrument called a doppler. At four months, the fingers and toes of an unborn baby are well-defined. Your unborn child’s eyelids, eyebrows, and even eyelashes are starting to form. The teeth and bones are becoming denser, and the unborn child can even yawn, stretch, make faces, and even suck on his or her thumb. The nervous system is now starting to take shape, and your OB/GYN can even tell you what gender the child is.

At the end of the fourth month, your baby will normally be about 6 inches long and it will weigh about 4 ounces.

Of course, leave it to Nancy Pelosi to not only be a master manipulator but to also be good at deflecting a question. When this high-profile Democrat was asked by a reporter if an unborn baby at 15 weeks could be considered a human being, Pelosi simply changed the subject a bit: “Let me just tell you that I am a big supporter of Roe V. Wade, and I’m a mother of five children spread out over just six years. That means that I have some standing as to respecting whether a woman has a right to choose.”

Do you think that just because Nancy Pelosi is a mother of five that would make her an expert on the Roe v. Wade debate? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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  1. Ron Hopkins

    That’s like saying that your an expert on morals because you cheat. What an a$$hole this woman is. Her pronouns are…idiot, dope, pig, scumbag and scum.


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