The United States has been very open recently for all…from illegal aliens to Afghan refugees. Thank you for the compromised security, Biden.

Preciously, the Biden administration has supported the defunding of the police causing more of our police forces to leave. And a huge number of our troops are losing their posts over the vaccine mandates of Joe Biden.

Recently, because of the less visibility of police due to low numbers of officers left, a massive shooting incident could have happened, big thanks to this local armed patriot who prevented a mass shooting in the colonial commonwealth of Pennsylvania on Sunday.

The Lancaster resident is being hailed as a hero and he didn’t even kill the barbaric teen Antifa brand anarchist.

Watch it here: Youtube/8WGAL

Gun control means more than just hitting what you aim at. It also means keeping it in the holster unless your life is at stake. An exchange of opinions in the mall isn’t a good enough reason to draw.

Lucky this man is so accurate with his gun and situation handling that he was able to bring down the suspect.

The police forces were still able to get into the scene as fast as they could and they were happy the Good Samaritan was around and ready for armed response, noting the bystander had “a legally owned gun.” Calling him a “brave citizen” they describe how he “opened fire, hitting the suspect and causing him to fall to the ground.” He wasn’t totally incapacitated and managed to find the strength to get up and run for the hills.

“The shooter has fled the building per police.” They caught up with him and took him to the emergency room.

We need more of these patriotic defenders from civilians since our police are temporarily dealing with the dilemma that the Government has opposed.

Watch it here: WGALTV/Youtube

Source: Trending Right Wing

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