“It’s 2021; how are we to determine who gets reparations and who doesn’t?”

This question was posed by a young black woman who was taking her message of forgiveness to Tik Tok. She continues by saying that reparations aren’t the answer that we need here in the 21st Century.

The young lady quotes a minister in Oklahoma who claimed that we “cannot have true healing and reconciliation without reparations.” However, this young black woman said that she didn’t agree with that.

“Forgiveness will turn an open wound into a scar.”

There is a steep divide in America when it comes to reparations. According to a 2020 Reuters poll, only one in ten white Americans believe that we should pay reparations, while five in ten black respondents support it.

Indeed, 100PercentFedUp had an interesting previous report on reparations:

Everybody loves free stuff. For decades, the Democrat Party has fine-tuned the art of promising freebies in exchange for votes. Today, as most Americans watched in horror, limousine liberals like Hollywood actor and multi-millionaire leftist Danny Glover (net worth $40 million) sat in front of Congress to demand black Americans receive financial compensation from American taxpayers because they may have had relatives who, generations ago, were slaves.

Regardless of how divided this country might be on the subject, liberals still continue to push this hot-button issue. However, part of the reason why most Americans realize that this is nothing but bollocks is that they see through the scheme of the Democrats. Much like LBJ said that he would have them “voting Democrat for the next 200 years”, the Democrats are simply using this as a way to get taxpayer dollars to keep them voting Democrat for years to come.

In April, there was a Fox News Poll that found that 60 percent of Americans opposed paying cash reparations to those who descended from slaves, while only 32 percent support it. A Rasmussen poll also found that same month that just 21 percent of likely voters believe that taxpayers should foot the bill on reparations for those who can prove they are descended from slaves.

This also comes on the heels of Black Americans taking part in a massive awakening since the Trump Administration. They now realize that Trump has done what no other Republican had the courage to do; the man pulled the curtain back on the self-serving Democrats and exposed their dirty tactics that they use to continue to get minority support.

There is one person in particular who is opposed to reparations, and that would be former NFL safety and newly-elected U.S. Representative Burgess Owens. During a reparations hearing, Burgess Owens gave a scathing response to the Democrat party for their embarrassing efforts.

Owens told members of the U.S. Congress how he felt about the Democrat Party that he had belonged to, and how he felt about the proposed HR-40 bill that would study the effects of issuing reparations to black Americans. “I used to be a Democrat until I did my research. I realized pretty quickly that the Democrat party has caused a lot of misery to my race, so let’s make them pay the restitution.”

If only we had more black politicians with as much common sense as Burgess Owens.

What are your thoughts on reparations? Feel free to share your comments.


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  1. Lisa

    NO…we should not have reparations…my ancestors were Irish who were one of the first to be sold as slaves…do I want reparations? NO, I don’t…pure malarkey

    • ssilv48

      Lets take money back from their reparations from welfare leaches? how many trillions of dollars would they owe the American taxpayer????

  2. Reginald Vernon Reynolds

    No reparations. How big a government bureaucracy would have to be created at taxpayer expense to determine who is entitled and for how much? Do multi-millionaire athletes, movie stars and politicians deserve reparations? What percentage of African blood is required to qualify? Many black Americans owned slaves do their descendants pay or get paid? I am Canadian but my ancestors were American, mostly dirt poor Kansas farmers and not slave owners, why should their descendants pay? Also if reparations are to be paid to the descendants of slaves then every descendant of white soldiers who fought and died for emancipation should also receive compensation. Look forward, not backward, help everyone of whatever colour to achieve a better future.

  3. Jay

    No reparations, Why my family as far as I know was here before any so called slave came here and when coal came into existance we were the white slaves, Both grandfathers worked in the mines and one got black lung and never even knew a slave. For what it’s worth I want reperations from the new Green Deal for ruining the fossil energy. If the slaves were left where they came from they would be slaves or killed. Look at where Africa is today and you think they had it bad here BS, is what I call it. In 1970 I lost 2 oppurtunities for a job because I was white, they were equalizing the work force and following MLK I had no problem as long as you were qualified.


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