Famous Comedian and Actor Jamie Kennedy doesn’t understand why cancel culture is such a powerful force online.

What is Cancel Culture? Cancel culture is something that has been strongly embraced by the radical liberals of Hollywood to the point where people are being cancelled left and right for the slightest of infractions.

Jamie Kennedy, 50-year-old entertainer made his remarks about his feeling on cancel culture during an interview with Fox News while promoting his new film, “Last Call” and said “there’s no forgiveness anymore.”

“It’s a dicey time. I mean, let’s take a recent example… Pepé Le Pew. I mean, if we put a magnifying glass to everything in history, I will assure you with the new guard you can almost cancel everything. So it’s a matter of nuances and context,” he reasoned.

“Does a cartoon have real-world implications? Yes, if enough people consume it, they believe that is a law. But the question is, do you believe a skunk can talk, and do you believe a skunk buys flowers for a cat?” Kennedy questioned. He pointed out that individuals need to have “personal responsibility” as well.

“Do you have enough common sense to understand that you’re not going to take your love and your sex lessons from a cartoon skunk?” the comedian said.

According to Kennedy — who made his film debut in 1996’s “Romeo + Juliet” — explained that “it’s a scary time” and noted that “at some point you’ve got to live.”

“It’s like there’s no forgiveness any more,” he added.

As for writing his own comedy, Kennedy said that he feels lucky to have the chance to be people’s “escapism” for the night.

“I do notice when I’ve done some shows that people want to laugh and they’ve had, you know, not everyone’s fortunate. I mean, I’m very fortunate,” he said. “So my job to me is if I can make you feel better for 25 minutes, so be it. It’s a pleasure for me to be able to do that. It’s important to have an honest relationship with the audience because then they trust you.”


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