Democrats are outraged over a normal meeting with a Russian Ambassador, but guess who invited Sessions to that meeting!

This whole made up thing is all from the Obama administration! This witch hunt is getting ridiculous…

From Top Secret Leaks:

“On Tuesday, July 19, Global Cleveland welcomed roughly 80 international ambassadors to its Global Partners in Diplomacy reception at Severance Hall. The event, coordinated in partnership with the 2016 Republican National Convention and the U.S. Department of State, introduced the ambassadors to nearly 200 of Northeast Ohio’s civic and corporate leaders.”

Obama’s State Department coordinated this event and had a Russian Ambassador there! So Obama’s people invited Sessions to this convention along with all of the ambassadors, if this is such an outrage, then they should be at fault for the normal meeting of ambassadors.

This whole situation is just stupid, Sessions must be the perfect guy to help drain this swamp of snakes if they’re that worried about him serving as President Trump’s Attorney General.

Obama set this up the whole time. He is a professional traitor, and criminal at the highest level, along with the Dems that knew it was a setup. Draining the swamp may fill up Gitmo with these criminals. Go get them all President Trump! Leave no stone unturned!

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