Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, a former assistant professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, has argued that Americans who already have antibodies from an infection should not be told to get inoculated.

Dr. Hooman was also one of Biden’s supporters and now he accused Biden of giving one of the most “destructive and divisive speeches” ever given by a president in announcing plans to make all private businesses with 100 or more employees require staff to have a COVID vaccine or get tested regularly.

What a quick turn-around, right? Not only Governors are standing up against the vaccine but also President Biden’s supporters.

He took this on Twitter which wrote, “I voted for Biden… As a McCain republican. It was an error and I now regret it. Last night’s chest-beating press conference by @POTUS was one of the most destructive and divisive speeches ever given by a US president who claims 2 B a well-reasoned uniter, acting on science.”

He called this a “draconian” vaccine mandate which is very ‘Destructive and divisive’.

A statement he released on Fox News, “As a friend to John McCain, I felt that President Biden stands a chance of uniting the country, acting on science, taking down the temperature, if you will. And on Thursday, I finally came to the recognition as an immunologist, based on the rigidity of this mandate and the massive blunder that’s contained within it, that this is not happening. I have to say, the mandate as it stands essentially has opened the door to discrimination against about 80 to 100 million Americans who are naturally immune. I mean, these folks are essentially being discriminated against. The president of the United States pointed to them and opened the door to a massive level of discrimination.”

“If any particular subset of these folks wants to avoid the vaccination at this time, that they would be forced at the risk of loss of employment or educational opportunities, I think it’s completely draconian. It goes in the face of medical necessity. And frankly, I think it’s a constitutional violation.” he added.

Watch it here: Youtube/ Fox News

This is a clear slap for Biden, somebody wakes him up!

Sources: 100% Fed Up, Fox News

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