Whoopi NEVER knows when to SHUT-UP! Watch her make a complete fool of herself talking about abortion.

Have a look!

According to louderwithcrowder,

Whoopi Goldberg claims Neil Gorsuch can’t overturn Roe vs. Wade. Her reasoning is…exactly what you’ve come to expect from The View. Really, it’s at a point where we should send The View a commission, or at the very least a muffin basket. They make blog content so freaking easy (see Raven Symone of The View has the Stupidest Plan for the Election and National Idiot Whoopi Actually Compares Trump’s America to the Taliban).

In the Constitution, you know, people always say, ‘Women are not talked about, they don’t talk about women’ — no. In the Constitution, talk about people, persons. But they do not talk about us [African Americans] because we were considered furniture, chattel. So where does that put us in the Constitution? What does that mean to us?

So I always like to check, and I thought to myself, ‘OK. He says he’s a strict constitutionalist with its amendments,’ and he — that’s what he’s about. So he can’t touch — according to himself — Roe v. Wade.

You think Row vs. Wade is in the Constitution…

No, Roe vs. Wade is a Supreme Court DECISION. It’s a Supreme Court decision the constitutionality of which has been called into question since the 70s. It’s why The View ignores the 500,000+ pro-lifers who march on Washington every year in protest of the decision which has led to the systemic slaughter of millions of unborn baby boys and girls. While they hide it under the rosy word “choice.”

There is no right promised to men or women in the constitution which allows for the surgical removal of anything, much less an unborn person. This notion that “women have a right to remove X from their bodies!” is poppycock. A woman might want to remove X from her body, but that doesn’t give her a “right” to it. That’s just not how real rights work. But when X is replaced with an unborn human being, her selective removal of the baby directly infringes upon that baby’s actual right to life. A life the woman helped create. And no, killing a baby because her father is a rapist is heinous. How dare you.

Obviously, Goldberg’s check from Planned Parenthood cleared.

Also, shame on Whoopi for sidestepping the obvious parallels between abortion and slavery. Just as blacks were categorized as subhuman, so the left has categorized the unborn. With the sole purpose of treating them as nothing but property.

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Smooth move Whoopi! Ha!

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