The controversy about the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, Arizona is never-ending.

From DOJ’s restricting audits, and now delaying it.

Yahoo News report confirms that Arizona Supreme Court delays release of election audit records

The Arizona Supreme Court said Tuesday that contractors hired by the Republican-led state Senate to conduct the Maricopa County 2020 election audit would not need to release records from their review by next week.

This is only a temporary delay, as Kathryn King, a justice on the state’s high court, put a hold on a lower court ruling that ordered the documents released by Aug. 31 while the case is under consideration.

Left-leaning watchdog group American Oversight took its records to request to the court and emerged victorious on Aug. 19 when the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based firm leading the audit, was subject to the state’s public records law because it was performing a core government function and had to produce the documents by the end of the month.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann argued the records should not be publicly released because they are maintained by private contractors so legislative immunity applies to the documents, declaring her intention to appeal to the state Supreme Court.

“It is ordered extending the stay to enable the Court to fully consider the issues raised in the petition for review. However, this order does not relieve the Petitioners from continuing to review and produce documents Petitioners have already agreed to produce,” King wrote on Tuesday.

A hearing is scheduled by Sept. 14.

Look at the statement released:

Is the delay on purpose? I just hope not.

Sources: Daily Wire, Yahoo News

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    Need more time to hide the truth…please try, hope it shows who are the one’s culpable.


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