It seems we’re now feeling the effects of the forced vaccination mandates of Joe Biden. Employees have had enough of these unconstitutional tyrannical mandates causing them to lose their jobs.

Recently, a Dallas-based carrier Southwest Airlines have declared that they will enforce to their employees the forced vaccination mandates of Joe Biden. It was said that they have until Dec. 8 to provide proof of vaccination or say goodbye to their jobs.

Southwest follows American, JetBlue, Alaska, and United in requiring workers to be vaccinated and fall in line with federal mandates courtesy of Joe Biden.

Then this happened, Hundreds of flights have been canceled as it was said that hundreds of pilots are staging a ‘sickout’ protest while the Southwest claiming that their system is having problems and even blamed the cancelations on the weather even though the weather map looks clear as a bell.

The media blackout of this huge disruption is disturbing. Why not tell people the truth?

Leland Vittert of Fox News tweeted:

And in Jacksonville, FL, Air traffic controllers have staged a walkout protesting against the COVID mandate.

And expectedly, angry customers are firing on Twitter towards Southwest.

Here are some of the passengers had to say furiously and they wanted to slap this message to Southwest:

-Bull. Your own employees working at the gate in the airport told everyone standing there that cancellation was due to employee protest of the vaccine mandate.

-This is absolutely horrible! Your lack of compassion & resolution is appalling! My sister has been left stranded in Atlanta while traveling en route to my Wedding scheduled for tomorrow. I am now driving a round trip from FL to ATL on the EVE of my wedding!!

-Keep lying when your staff at Midway specifically told us it was because the Pilots went on strike, because of your vaccine mandate. Now we missed a wedding and our luggage is stuck at midway with mine and my wife’s medication.

Source: 100% Fed Up

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