We are all aware… I mean the World is aware of how bad Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan is. Once again, Joe Biden is heading off to Deleware to take another “vacation.”

And because we are all leery about his Delaware trips every weekend, he just said that he couldn’t “sleep” at the White House.

Kurt Schlichter a conservative journalist has a theory about why Joe Biden goes to Delaware so often, and it has nothing to do with “vacations,” but everything to do with keeping visitor logs a secret.

Kurt believes that Joe Biden goes to Delaware to have “secret meetings” with people that don’t have to be listed on visitors logs that are available for the public to see.

Kurt Schlichter just blasted this on Twitter:

As of this writing, there is still no way to prove something like that but I had to admit that it’s definitely an interesting theory, after all, why do you have to spend so much time traveling while chaos is submerging in Afghanistan?

New York Post reporter actually asked Jen Psaki about Delaware visitor logs, and she basically said that it’s nobody’s business. Watch the video on this tweet.

Geez, Biden.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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  1. Original Anna

    Is he using taxpayer money to go back and forth to Delaware like the presidential airplane, well, than it the taxpayer’s business. Sleeping is no excuse, no one will bother him while sleeping at the WH unless it’s a total emergency. And his WH doctor can make sure he get’s put to sleep. What a bunch of crap. If he can’t sleep than resign and go back to delaware permanently and sleep, maybe his crappie blunders are what’s keeping him awake.


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