James Comey’s string of lies have just been exposed by WikiLeaks undermining any faith we had left in the FBI.

Thank God for Wikileaks and the truth they continually expose. And before we show the TRUTH watch Comey before and the lies that come out of his mouth.


Stating that emails on the republican side were not released in 2016 was a complete lie.

Here are the leaked republican emails that came out in 2016. As stated time and again Comey is not innocent in all this by a long shot and should be removed.

How can we be the UNITED States, When we voted for a Republican President and nearly every Democrat is against the Republic party? Every Democrat that is against the new laws and President, are NOT for we the people and needs to be fired. We can’t be a broken America because of these misfits….

Share this if you think Wikileaks should take over the FBI. I’m just sayin’…




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