So this Jen Psaki just released a statement regarding the Global Plandemic, I mean Pandemic.

After 8 months of being installed in the White House, things have been quite really leery for most Americans, from the President’s fraud-ridden victory to his most recent debacle in Afghanistan.

And speaking of controversy, the Biden Administration just seems to keep slipping on their political plans virus hysteria behind closed doors and cooking up the virus hysteria behind closed doors.

In a recent interview with Jen Psaki, she slipped a single word that explains everything about the Biden Administration.

Watch the video on this Twitter post by Art TakingBack:

Last month, the Biden administration announced a plan to begin administering third shots of the two mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to healthy people in mid-September to shore up potentially flagging immunity to the coronavirus.

But many scientists say that given the available evidence, which shows the two-dose vaccines still provide formidable protection against severe disease, it’s not yet clear that boosters are needed.

A vaccine expert at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Dr. Paul A. Offit said that “There’s no evidence that there’s any fading of immunity in that regard.” which is really making us feel leery after the Booster Propaganda Plans by President Joe Biden.

Moreover, some experts say booster shots are unlikely to alter the trajectory of the pandemic much — and that the doses would be much better spent getting people around the world immunized with first and second shots.

Dr. Muge Cevik is a physician and infectious disease expert at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, who also serves as a COVID-19 advisor to the Scottish and U.K. governments released a statement that says, “I’m truly disappointed. This decision is not justifiable at all looking at this data and we are going to use up millions of doses to reduce the small risk of mild infections in fully protected [people with] a tiny risk of hospitalization, while most of the world waits for a first dose.”

Source: Wayne Dupree

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