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When people ask what the Coast Guard does, off the top of your head you might not be able to immediately answer.

After all, they are the branch of the military that people seem to talk about the least for some reason. However, they are the people that are often responsible for keeping bad things from getting into the United States through the water.

Added to that, if you are out on the ocean fishing and your boat is starting to sink for some reason, you can call on the Coast Guard and they will take care of you. Oh yeah, those drugs that people seem to smuggle in by the boatload on a daily basis, they are the ones that will gladly intercept them and keep them from coming in and infecting our communities.

The U.S. Coast Guard and Navy offloaded more than $211 million worth of drugs on Monday, collected from seizures in international waters in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The 11,400 pounds of cocaine and 9,000 pounds of marijuana were intercepted in the last few months of 2020 by crews aboard four ships operating in the waters west and south of California.

“When you are covering a drug-smuggling transit zone the size of the continental United States, every ship makes a huge difference,” said Lt. Jonathan Dietrich in a written statement about the drug interception efforts.

The Coast Guard and Navy said they were pleased with the recent results of their joint efforts intercepting drugs at sea, and keeping them off the street in the United States, they say. The drugs were offloaded when the ships returned to San Diego.

The Navy and Coast Guard’s efforts against drug smugglers at sea are part of a coordinated operation aimed at transnational criminal organizations, fueled by drug trafficking money, by disrupting the flow of drugs from Central and South America.

Federal authorities on Wednesday showed off results of Southern California raids early this month that led to the biggest domestic seizure of methamphetamine in U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration history.

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