After being trashed by the media last year Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump’s former Senior Advisor on the Coronavirus is now getting the last laugh.

After joining Trump’s coronavirus team three months earlier, Dr. Atlas resigned from his position last November 2020, he was vilified almost immediately by media hacks and left-wing pundits for having the audacity to question ‘Lord’ Fauci’s approach to combatting the pandemic.

Here’s an interview he did last year as President Trump’s coronavirus adviser where he said he’s “disgusted and dismayed” by Fauci’s approach to covid.

Watch it here: Scott Atlas /Youtube

Dr. Scott was also attacked mercilessly last October, when he claimed President Trump and first lady Melania were expected to make a “complete, full and rapid recovery” after both testing positive for Covid19, and assured us that “there are zero reasons to panic.”

Dr. Atlas described President Trump as a “super vigorous man,” claiming he had “never seen anyone with more energy and more vigor, at any age, but particularly at his age.” You can imagine the outrage in the MSM upon hearing the doctor’s words. The left sprung into action, attacking the good doctor with outrageous venom and undisguised disdain.

Chris Wallace, Democrat said that about Dr. Atlas:

“Is not an epidemiologist, is not an infectious disease specialist. There are several top people on the president’s coronavirus task force who have had grave concerns about Scott Atlas and his scientific bona fides.”

Now, in light of the explosive Fauci email release obtained through a FISA warrant, Dr Atlas is being vindicated. His criticism of Dr. Fauci and his handling of the covid19 crisis is proving true with every uncovered email.

He was correct in questioning Fauci’s positions, who himself had to walk back some of his outlandish remarks around Easter in 2020 when he suggested President Trump should have shut down the economy in February when the number of known cases in the US was whopping 100 or so.

Fauci’s book has been scrubbed from Amazon amid criticism that he is profiting from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The book titled ‘Expect the Unexpected’ was due out in November.

Dr. Atlas had this to say, in light of the latest Fauci email dump:

“I was called an outlier. And it’s good to be called an ‘outlier’ when the ‘in-layers [sic] are what we’re seeing here… These are emails from way before I got there so I’m seeing these emails for the first time for myself… When I was trying to see the truth he (Fauci) would say, The truth will prevail here.’ And I think that’s what we’re seeing here… There is plenty of information from way before I got there in August from February on that shows gross misinformation disseminated.”

Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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