The Supreme Court of the United States has entered it’s Fall term and already there’s a not so unexpected rivalry brewing in the ranks.

As we all well know, Trump appointed the Honorable Neil Gorsuch as the newest SC Justice, after Obama failed to get his nominee pushed through on his way out of the White House door. And that pissed a LOT of Democrats right off.

Let’s just say, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (or RGB as she is known) leans so far left she is barely visible out there.

Justice Gorsuch is a strict Constitutionalist in the vein of the man he replaced, Justice Scalia. During a recent oral argument, he said to one attorney “[m]aybe we can just for a second talk about that arcane matter, the Constitution.”

RBG fired at Gorsuch, trying to shut him down, but it didn’t work.  He continued asking questions, one coming less than a minute after RBG tried unsuccessfully to shut him up.

They traded barbs again just a week later during oral argument in another case.  Gorsuch, again, wanting to follow the Constitution.  RBG, on the other hand, noting how the SCOTUS has otherwise interpreted it.

SNL knows:


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It could just be a seniority thing; however RGB made it quite clear during the election what she though of Trump:  “I can’t imagine what the country would be with Donald Trump as our president.  For the country, it could be four years.  For the court, it could be –I don’t even want to contemplate that.”

And this:  “He is a faker.  He has no consistency about him.  He says whatever comes into his head at the moment.  He really has an ego.  How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns?”   

Me thinks RGB may be taking out her feelings on Gorsuch now.  What do you think?  Please comment and Share.

[H/T The Daily Caller and Fox News]

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  1. Jean Vickery

    I truly think SCJ Gorsuch can hold his own. He will not take any of her crap. She is so far out in left field it’s not even funny. The woman is just OLD AND SENILE and there is nothing she can do about who Trump appoints. Just do some research on Gorsuch he will follow the letter of the law to a ( T ) and they are just going to deal with it. It’s pretty good when the USA Citizens have to follow the letter of the law 24/7 of each and every day, and the Supreme Court is fixed (should I say WAS fixed.

  2. Lisa Hawks

    the bitch needs to retire…we need another conservative in there, one that is not going to bitch about Trump…she is letting her feelings interfere with her judgment

    • J

      Maybe she needs to be suffocated LIKE Skalella was. ( I totally spelled his name wrong) I have no doubt the was killed.

  3. Steve Cooper

    RBG supports the liberals’ organized crimes , that makes her complicit to all their crimes, Supreme Court needs to get rid of all such criminals in their midst !

  4. Cecelia Henderson

    I think that we need an age limit placed on the Judges. I think 72 would be a good age. Yes, I know that some 72+ aged people remain active and informed, but I know from reaching age 70 my mind is not as quick as it once was. I’m not senile or have a disease, I’m just getting older and don’t give a damn. I think RGB is at an age (like me) that we just want “our way” and to hell with the rules. This is fine when you’re dealing with the grandkids, but is just unacceptable when you’re dealing with the Constitution and the Law.

  5. Norma J Cinnamon

    She has found out she cannot bully the other judges. I love that. Evidently, her opinion is not that well accepted. Her team did not win. She is getting to big for her britches. As time marches on, things change and this time it is for the good so get over your self. Personally, I will be happy when you are off the bench.

  6. James

    I think they also need term limits as well. 10 years would be good. The have to have a limitations. They are humans, not gods.

  7. LeapGuy60

    Almira Gulch needs to disappear.

    She might choose to vacate while there’s still breath in her. Debilitating cancer puts a crimp in one’s retirement.

  8. Mary

    I think RGB is way to old to be on the Supreme Court. I think if Judge Scalia was here, he would agree.

  9. Ann BERTOLA

    I think there should be a maximum age for supreme court justice. Rgb is a good example of why.I think they also need term limits as well. 10 years would be good. The have to have a limitations. They are humans, not gods.She might choose to vacate while there’s still breath in her. Debilitating cancer puts a crimp in one’s retirement.

  10. Rhonda

    Term limits or an age limit. All government officials should have a term limit. If they can’t get shit done during their first term goodbye and no pension. If they are going to work for the American people 3 terms is plenty. Pension should not be full pay after you leave. It should be based on how well you served the American people and the years worked. There are millions of hard working Americans who will never have a pension and live paycheck to paycheck. Can barely pay their bills. These old Ass Holes still get paid by these hard working Americans even after they leave. I call Bullshit. If their retirement age comes while in office they should be allowed to finish that term and then leave office. This government gravy train needs to come to a screeching halt. Sorry I’ll get off my soapbox and. I’m just bitching and think a lot of people feel the same way as I do.

    • yogiman

      Term limits are there. It’s called elections. But regrettably, most people keep voting to re-elect them once the get in office. I’ve never voted for one for more than two terms.

  11. jtas

    She’s an old hag that needs to go.She can’t even keep her head up in pictures.She’s either sleeping or hung over.Offer her free booze for the rest of her life if she retires.She’ll be gone.

  12. yogiman

    I’m still waiting for her to resign and leave the country, after all, she said she wouldn’t live in a country with Donald Trump its president.

    Is she still looking for a nation that will accept her? Honestly, I can’t blame them for refusing her.

  13. dan fondren

    Term limits for the senators and and age limit instead of for life need terms for the justices need to be enacted as it is now they all have to much time and too many years to become crooked politicians.


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