An investigation into a model turned teacher has prompted the police to question 40 boys about possible interactions with the teacher who was having sex with at least two of them. The affair was revealed after the 18 year old male said she wouldn’t let him break it off with her. It must be terrible to be forced to have sex with a gorgeous woman. I don’t know that for sure but I’d be willing to find out. Ex-model turned history teacher Fiona Viotti, 30 has resigned her job and it is said that other boys are coming forward about Viotti

From The Daily Star

A teacher and niece of South African rugby coach Nick Mallett has been accused of a sexual relationships with a number of pupils, according to reports.

Ex-model turned history teacher Fiona Viotti, 30, has resigned over “serious sexual misconduct” after she was accused of a relationship with a pupil, 18.

But it is now reported a number of other schoolboys have come forward and allege they had sexual relations with her.

TimesLIVE reports more than 40 boys are to be quizzed by an attorney, who has been appointed by Bishops Diocesan, the elite Cape Town school, to investigate.

Sexually explicit videos and images purporting to show Fiona have reportedly been leaked online.

It is alleged these were sent by Fiona to pupils at the school.

Recently married Fiona, who taught history and water polo, quit her job after the parents of the boy reportedly complained.

Husband Pavo Viotti, 32, who has a top venture capital and private equity company in Cape Town, is understood to have separated from his wife of 13 months over the scandal.

It is alleged the sixth form pupil was involved in a sexual relationship with Fiona, but when he tried to end the affair she refused to accept.

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