Tired of hearing about another illegal committing a crime? This is the prime reason we need to deport illegal immigrants.

It shouldn’t be our responsibility to deal with criminals who belong in other contries. We need to stop the easy access to America immediately. U.S. citizens need to be protected from these immigrants.

In this case, a young girl narrowly escaped being kidnapped by an illegal immigrant thanks to her quick thinking…

From Freedom Daily: Pasadena police arrested 32-year-old Salvador Avalos for attempting to kidnap & possibly rape a teenage girl in Pasadena, TX. The girl called the police last Tuesday and told them somebody attempted to abduct her. The young girl said,

He got next to me, and he first offered $100 to get in his truck, and I refused of course, and he kept following me. He said if I didn’t get in the truck he was going to make me, that’s when he started to approach me.” 

When she tried walking away Avalos pulled his vehicle closer to her. That’s when he tried getting out and she ran to the Pasadena Heritage Museum and called the cops. Museum assistant Lucy Turoff was inside and said the following about the incident,

She (teen girl) was amazing. Although she was excited and she was scared, she had managed to get the license plate.”

Her descriptions helped the police to catch him and they found him mere hours later. He was driving in the exact same neighborhood in a white Lincoln Navigator. Police found duct tape in the car.

Pasadena Police Assistant Chief Josh Bruegger said,

He just said he was trying to get a date.”

This is not how you get a date… offering a girl money to get into your car! This is disgusting. Hopefully this man is being deported ASAP now that Donald Trump is president.

No more hiding and protecting these criminals! Share if you agree!

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  1. Shelly Scherbon

    Thank heavens she was able to get someplace and call…….Just think what if she wasn’t
    Send these illegal criminals back where they belong.


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