‘Chicken shortage so real,’ this is what a viral TikTok video suggests after it shows a Chinese restaurant’s nuggets.

For months, the disruption of supply chains combined with the nation’s hunger for chicken has led to a poultry shortage that’s affecting restaurants all across the country. TikToker @dinonuggies4life2021 recently pointed out that one Chinese restaurant has resorted to dino nuggets as a result of the great chicken wars of 2021.

“Are y’all seeing what I’m seeing?” wrote a TikTok who caught a Chinese restaurant apparently using dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for its sesame chicken. The video gained viral attention in just one week.

“The video was quick and to the point. The user turned the camera onto the sesame seed dinosaur nuggets and used various features on the Chinese-created social media platform to create a video that went viral. After using the text-to-voice feature to read the line that started the article. The camera then zooms in several times to give a clear view of the chicken nuggets that were clearly taken from the grocery store frozen food section and used them to serve customers at the Chinese buffet,” AWM noted.

“Chicken shortage so real they replaced it with prehistoric meat,” one commenter joked. Another demanded to know whether or not the dish was good or not.

The video was uploaded to TikTok on Nov. 4, and it’s amassed over 10 million views, 1 million likes, and over 10,000 comments since. Many TikTokers shared their disbelief in the comments section. Others suspected the Dino nuggets taste good.

“That would be worse than an infestation! I mean, we can just buy them from the grocery store!”

“Dino nuggets over no food, I mean come on. It looks pretty good too!”

“I’m getting me some Dino nuggets. Yum! I might just go buy sesame seeds and chicken, too, while we are at it. #yummyinmytummy.”

“I would one hundred percent eat dino nugget sesame chicken.”

“I don’t care that they used dino nuggets. I just wanna see how good they taste,” wrote one delighted TikToker.

“Don’t be suspicious,” wrote another. “Don’t be suspicious.”

“Okay, but that honestly looks really good.”

“Chicken shortage so real that they replaced it with prehistoric meat.”

“Bruh, not the dino nuggets.”

“Oh my God, dino nuggets? This inflation is insane.”

“Me looking for maggots. ‘Is that a dino nugget?’”

“I was looking for bugs, but dino nuggets!”

“I was too scared of seeing something move.”

The location and name of the Chinese restaurant remain unknown.

Watch the viral TikTok video here: TikTok/Video

Source: AWM