I know the hardship we’ve been through in Biden’s PLANdemic, from unconstitutional mandates, Americans losing their jobs, Chain supply, and border crisis. Not to mention the Afghanistan debacle.

It’s an open secret to all that this regime brings more problems than solutions.

But now, more and more Americans are standing up, enough is enough, we want our lives back. This fight against vaccine tyranny is going nowhere, the truth is, we’re winning… slowly, and painfully, yes, but we’re winning.

According to multiple reports, Republican lawmakers in South Carolina introduced legislation to make it illegal for employers to ask about coronavirus vaccination status, saying it’s private medical information.

So if this new bill passes, it will be a tremendous victory for freedom.

There’s a new law being proposed in South Carolina that would ban employers from asking employees about their vaccination status.

Bill sponsor Rep. Mike Burns said in a media interview:

“We have people in South Carolina that are losing their jobs because they have to report to their employer that they’re unvaccinated. We also have people who are having their insurance rates put in a different category. They’re charging up to an extra $100 a week more than the vaccinated people. It is absolutely insane to do this kind of thing.”

Also, Rep. William Chumley, who is co-sponsor of the bill said:

“The government has no place in making you or telling you to take the vaccination, or threatening your livelihood if you don’t.”

Here’s what’s in the bill:

House Bill 4848 is brief and to the point.

“Notwithstanding another provision of law to the contrary, any employee, officer, agent, or other representative of a public, nonprofit, or private entity who inquires about the COVID-19 vaccination status of any student, employee, member, or anyone else seeking admission on the entity’s premises is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than fourteen thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both,” it reads.

Western Journal also reported:

The bill was introduced last week and will be reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee.

Republican state Rep. Mike Burns, another co-sponsor of the “don’t ask” bill, said liberty cannot be infringed even amid the fight against COVID-19, according to WHNS-TV.

“This is still America and people should be able to choose what medication they take, or not take,” Burns said.

He has also introduced legislation allowing citizens to opt-out of vaccine mandates and prohibiting discrimination against those who do so.

“We should respect the people who want to have them, and then we should also respect the people who are on the other end to and for whatever reason don’t want to take it,” Burns said.

“We need to be careful with what we impose on the citizens,” he said. “Freedom is an important thing, liberty is important.”

Sources: WayneDupree, Western Journal

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  1. Jesse

    This should be WORLD WIDE. Sadly it won’t even be Nation wide due to WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE. Every Democrap RUINED city and State will either IGNORE the law if passed by the US Government or they will claim their law requiring a passport is more important. Sadly NOTHING good will be done about stopping that Passport IGNORANCE until Republicans take back Congress and the White House.


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