Vinny Phillips was fast asleep when his worst fear came true. On July 17, his wife, Tanya Hedman, doused him with gas and set him on fire. Vinny woke up in terrible pain, his body covered in flames. To save himself, he left the blazing house and drove to a nearby store, still on fire, yelling for help.

“I’m on fire! Help me!” he screamed at folks in the store, hoping someone would help.

Emergency crews got there quick, and just before Vinny passed out, he said, “My wife did it.” Then, they took him to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of his awful burns.

Why did this awful thing happen? Tanya found out that Vinny, her husband of five years, had been hurting her seven-year-old daughter before they got together. Furious and wanting payback, she set him on fire while he was asleep.

When the cops got to their home in Renton, Washington, Tanya confessed. She said she set Vinny on fire because shooting him would’ve been “too nice” for what he did to her daughter. The cops were shocked by the terrible crime. Even though they understood why Tanya did it, they had to charge her with arson and assault.

The police also looked into the child abuse claims and found proof. Vinny was charged with first-degree child molestation.

The case got a lot of attention on social media, with folks talking about what Tanya did. Many people felt bad for her, knowing how hurt and mad she must’ve been when she found out someone hurt her kid. But the law had to do its thing, and both Vinny and Tanya had to face the music.

This sad situation left a family broken and a town shaken. It’s a reminder that we need to protect our kids and that terrible things can happen when they’re not safe.

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Source: AWM

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