It will be an interesting year, with a pile of evidence ready to be uncovered…it is just a matter of time before experts will finally catch the real culprit. But are they really giving the people the bombshell they need to know or it is just another elaborate scheme to look like they are complying with the general public’s request?

Not long after Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald on camera in the basement of Dallas police headquarters, a lot of Americans started to have some questions about the Kennedy assassination. It was, you’d have to admit, a pretty extraordinary sequence of events. A lone gunman murders the president of the United States. And then, less than 48 hours later, that lone gunman is himself murdered by another lone gunman.

What are the odds of that? It’s one thing if you get struck by lightning – rare but possible. But if every member of your family also gets struck by lightning, all on different days, you might begin to suspect these are not entirely natural events. But oh, replied the U.S. government, they are. “This bizarre chain of killings was all entirely natural.”

Now, previously classified documents related to the JFK assassination have been de-classified, a small part of the more than 13,173 newly unredacted documents disclosed by the National Archives under a 1992 law requiring the release of all government material relating to what was arguably the most shocking and consequential crime in American history.

So what was the CIA hiding all these years? The long-concealed section speaks for itself.

“This piece of information was produced from a telephone tap center which we operate jointly with the office of the President of Mexico,” the memo reads, explaining how the CIA intercepted Oswald’s call to the Soviets. “It is highly secret and not known to Mexican security and law enforcement officials, who have their own center.”

In short, like much of the newly disclosed JFK papers, the memo didn’t contain any bombshells that prove an elaborate conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Instead, it was the CIA trying to hide how it does its business — in this case, forging a relationship with a foreign official to operate a secret listening center on Mexican soil.

The Kennedy assassination remains to this today the mother of all conspiracy theories, giving rise to countless books and movies arguing — take your pick — that the Mafia or the Cubans or the Russians, or the CIA itself played a hidden role in the president’s murder. And there is little doubt that the agency’s failure to release all of its records relating to the assassination has fueled the idea of a massive government cover-up.

“What are they hiding?” Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son and namesake of Kennedy’s brother and, to many, a notorious conspiracy theorist himself, asked two months ago when a new lawsuit was filed to force the release of the remaining material.

However, during Tucker Carlson‘s JFK segment, Carlson dived into the circumstances surrounding the “shoddy and corrupt” Warren Commission Report released by the administration of President Kennedy’s successor, 38th President Lyndon B. Johnson, the origins of the term “conspiracy theory,” and the CIA’s quiet employment of Louis Jolyon West — the psychiatrist who declared Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassin Jack Ruby to be “technically insane.”

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