Anonymous claims they hacked into Russia’s state TV and the country’s equivalent of Netflix in a push to highlight the realities of the conflict in Ukraine.

The global hackers collective, “Anonymous” declared war on Russia the same day they invaded Ukraine. The group showcased support for Ukraine and declared that it was now in a cyberwar against the Russian government.

“Anonymous is a decentralized online community of hackers and activists that launch protests, cyberattacks, and online pranks together. There is no leader or central organization of the group – in effect, anyone can become part of Anonymous – but they are typically identified through the iconic Guy Fawkes masks from the graphic novel and film V for Vendetta. In the past, they’ve launched action against a wide array of government agencies, companies, militaries, public figures, and websites. “

They began by taking down Russia’s biggest foreign propaganda outlet, Russia Today or RT the same day of the invasion. The next day, the hacker group took credit for taking down the Russian Ministry of Defense website.

The group has claims to have taken control of over 400 public displays in Russia and is overlaying text about the Ukrainian invasion on its camera feeds in a bid to reach out to Russian people.

They are allegedly showing Ukrainians war footage from the invasion and putting anti-war messages on their televisions such as ‘Ordinary Russians oppose the war’

More details of this report from Daily Mail:

“Anonymous claims it has hacked into Russian state TV to air footage of the war in Ukraine.

The hacking collective said it targeted Russia 24, Channel One and Moscow 24 to show the realities of the savage invasion.

Vladimir Putin has been telling Russians the invasion is a ‘special military operation’ and a peacekeeping exercise, cracking down on any anti-war dissent.

Kremlin propaganda channels have been claiming it is a civil war that has broken out in Ukraine, led by Nazi nationalists spurred on by the West and the expansion of NATO.

But Anonymous showed Russians the reality of the war in its hack carried out on Sunday it claims.

They also targeted Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi.

The hackers said they are taking part in the ‘biggest Anonymous op ever seen’ in their take-down of Russia.

Part of the footage aired on Russian TV included the message: ‘ordinary Russians are against the war’ and urged them to oppose the invasion.”

Anonymous also claims to have hacked Russian satellites, knocking out a large number of spy cameras that Putin uses to monitor and a crackdown on dissent.

Sources: 100percentfedup, DailyMail

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