Nadler thought he had the upper hand – here comes Barr!

Attorney General Barr is tired of watching Rep. Nadler’s charades, so he’s playing hardball.

We sat by as Mueller and his team of angry Democrats spent over two years trying to find dirt on Trump. They failed.
Yet Nadler and his team keep pushing for investigations. They’re looking for fire where there is no smoke.

All to create the impression that Donald Trump is going to be impeached (because they know they can’t beat him in 2020).

Nadler seems to think there’s still dirt to be found in Mueller’s nothingburger case. He’s trying to get more information from it—all to drag out his impeachment agenda.

But Barr ain’t buying it and he just blindsided the Impeachment Brigade.

From Fox News:

The Justice Department, in new court filings, sought to block congressional Democrats’ bid for secret grand jury material from the Robert Mueller investigation by citing the confusion inside the caucus over whether or not they’re pursuing an “impeachment investigation.”

“The committee’s own description of its investigation makes clear that it is too far removed from any potential judicial proceeding to qualify,” the DOJ said.

Boom! This is exactly what we’ve been saying all along. Trust your pals at Patriot Journal, folks. We know what we’re talking about.

Nadler is talking a big talk. But they are so far from any real impeachment possibility, it’s a joke.

They are only rattling their sabers in the hopes of intimidating Trump and his supporters.
They—and the media—want you to think they are close to impeaching Trump. All to deflate your enthusiasm for re-electing the man making America great again.

The DOJ is calling Nadler’s bluff. Barr knows that he is and his team are far from any real impeachment process.

And because of that, they are denying him access to grand jury material from Mueller’s investigation.

Why does Nadler want it? Because he believes (it seems) that there is something from that material he can twist to make Trump look bad.

It probably won’t be enough to impeach the president, but maybe—just maybe—it will be enough to finally ruin Trump before the American people.

Sure. Barr will get right on that!

Nadler and his House Democrats (and the rest of the left) have spent nearly three years trying to find something to take down Trump.

They really hate that this outsider has infiltrated the D.C. swamp and is changing things for the better.

It really reveals what Democrats are like—that they are spending so much energy to stop a man simply improving the lives of Americans.

Why aren’t they trying to fix our economy, bring back jobs, secure the border, and repair health care?

Oh… maybe because they’re not interested in any of those things? Maybe it’s because Democrats care more about powerful globalists and lobbyist than the American people?

Am I wrong? Yes? Then why is Nadler doing this instead of his job?

Answer me that, Democrats.

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Source: In Trump We Trust

2 Responses

  1. Don Nicholas

    Barr and the establishment types woul have you believe that any minute now Hillary, Comey, McCabe Lynch, Brennan or Clapper will be going down. I’ve got a better chance of hitting the lottery.

  2. Don Nicholas

    Perhaps if Barr would prosecute Hillary, McCabe, Comey, Lynch, Cummings and a few of the angry democrats we could restore some little bit of faith in “equal justice for all”.


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