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Joe Biden seems like one of those people that always has a series of really good ideas without any way of ever knowing how to get them done.

They are like the guy that wants to move and tells his landlord that he isn’t renewing his lease and then doesn’t call a mover until the day before his lease expires. The bloom is starting to come off the rose with this one people.

People are beginning to see through the veneer of his old guy folksy charm and understand that they have let a senile old coot in charge of the greatest nation in the world.

In a new report that conservatives saw coming a mile away, the Biden administration is having some issues at the southern border.

The report, released on February 24, found that the Biden administration currently has hundreds of children in custody who were caught crossing the border illegally, and without their parents.

According to Axios:

“The current backup is yet another sign of a brewing crisis for President Biden — and a worsening dilemma for these vulnerable children. Biden is finding it’s easier to talk about preventing warehousing kids at the southern border than solving the problem. Of the more than 700 kids waiting to be transferred to shelters overseen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 200 had been held in these Border Patrol stations for more than 48 hours.”

Without a clear plan of action at the southern border, it seems to have devolved into chaos. As Joe Biden campaigned with the far-left on amnesty and pausing deportations, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border has increased dramatically. The fact that he rescinded Trump’s executive order that halted entry into the U.S. due to the coronavirus pandemic also didn’t help. Many of the illegals are actually calling on Biden to ‘honor his commitments.’

“The surge is already there. Now, you mentioned those numbers, but the truth is, it’s almost 4,000 crossings a day because Border Patrol isn’t adding [the ones who got away]. So there’s a way they count footprints in the sand and vehicle stop. So it’s about 4,000 a day. Now, you times that by a month, that’s 120,000 a month, which is 1.4 million a year. And that’s why Title 42 is still in place for single adults. Once [the Remain In Mexico policy] stops adhering to Title 42, the numbers will be astronomical. And we knew this will happen because all the promises Joe Biden has made and he continues to make. And you know, so this isn’t by accident. This is by design. This is an open border strategy. He has bowed to the left, we lose the border,” Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan told Fox News.

According to a Biden administration official, more than 400 illegal immigrant children were referred to HHS shelters on February 23. Compare that to “the 30-day referral average at the peak of the 2019 crisis — which was 294,” Axios reports.

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