Four nine year old boys pushed a five year old boy into a classroom just as he was about to leave the school to return home. They undressed him and took turns molesting him. One of the boys told the child that he was making the boy his she dog. His mother went to the school and complained but the school rebuffed her and told her she had to go to the police. But, they have a law in South Africa that says no child can be charged with a crime if they are under 10 years old, leaving the mother with no recourse. The boy suffered minor physical damage but mentally he has turned violent and refuses to go to school.

From The Daily Mail Online

A five-year-old boy was raped by four nine-year-olds who took turns assaulting him at a school in South Africa, it is alleged. 

The youngster was attacked in a classroom as he was about to leave school, his mother claims, with one boy allegedly telling him: ‘You’ll be my dog’. 

The mother said she grew suspicious when her son did not return home for hours after his usual finishing time. 

When he finally returned, he told her what had happened, she explained to South African newspaper Sowetan

According to her son’s account, the four older boys pushed him into a classroom where they undressed him  and took turns raping him. 

One of them allegedly told him in Zulu that ‘you’ll be my [female] dog’. 

The boy was allegedly assaulted at Fakukhanya Primary School in Ekurhuleni, near Johannesburg. 

Since the alleged attack, the boy had become ‘violent among other kids’ and refused to go to school last week, his mother said. 

‘I took him to the local clinic and even though they said there was not much damage I am still very worried about my son’s state of health,’ she said.

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