Democrats are now in full swing to make sure every Republican candidate will fall to their knees – using every opportunity to get back to their opponents.

And their latest target is Republican North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the House Committee on Ethics said in a statement on Monday that it has opened multiple investigations into the outgoing Representative.

It is the latest blow to the lawmaker once seen as a rising star in the GOP after a slew of scandals and a smear campaign he claimed was blackmail.

Cawthorn will be leaving Congress at the end of the year after losing his primary race last week to state Sen. Chuck Edwards, a three-term state senator, and business owner.

According to the House Committee on Ethics, the investigations will revolve around his involvement with a cryptocurrency and whether he had an inappropriate relationship with a staffer.

Here’s what the Committee said in a statement:

“The Committee unanimously voted on May 11, 2022, to establish an Investigative Subcommittee. Pursuant to the Committee’s action, the Investigative Subcommittee shall have jurisdiction to determine whether Representative Madison Cawthorn may have: improperly promoted a cryptocurrency in which he may have had an undisclosed financial interest, and engaged in an improper relationship with an individual employed on his congressional staff.”

Cawthorn responded on Twitter saying they were coming from him because he was “a problem for the swamp!”

Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

“Wow- I must still be a problem for the swamp! 👀, they’re still coming after me!”

More details of this story from Daily Wire:

Cawthorn had become a headache for House Republicans, especially the leadership, with his name constantly appearing in news stories that were unflattering for the party.

Just a few of the negative stories that he’s been involved in have included being detained multiple times at the airport for having a loaded gun on him, accusing his colleagues of having cocaine-fueled orgies without providing evidence, and having an embarrassing video and photographs emerge of him.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) addressed the situation after Cawthorn accused his colleagues of having cocaine-fueled orgies, saying that he no longer trusted Cawthorn.

“I just told him he’s lost my trust, he’s gonna have to earn it back, and I laid out everything I find is unbecoming. And, you can’t just say, ‘You can’t do this again.’ I mean, he’s got a lot of members very upset,” McCarthy said. “In the interview, he claims he watched people do cocaine. Then when he comes in, he tells me, he says he thinks he saw maybe a staffer in a parking garage from 100 yards away.”

“It’s just frustrating. There’s no evidence behind his statements,” McCarthy continued. “And when I sit down with him … I told him you can’t make statements like that, as a member of Congress, that affects everybody else and the country as a whole.”

Source: DailyWire

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