In the video below you’ll see then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warning her staff to be vigilant about cyber security.

Read that sentence again if necessary.

As Right Scoop points out, this is kind of a big deal…

This proves that Hillary knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she put classified information at risk by having her own home-brew email server that she used for State Department email.

As if there was ever a doubt.

Hillary knew from day zero what she was doing. Yeah, she knew before day one – if you consider day one her first day as SecState.

Without further adieu, check it out…

The fact that Hillary can even run for president is appalling, in and of itself.

The fact that the media covers for her like it’s their job is extremely un-American, for all intents and purposes.the fact that so many dimwits will still vote for this woman in less than three weeks shows the blatantly idiocy of half the nation’s population.

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