Please pass the Carol. And what type of wine goes good with that or do you prefer a Bloody Mary? I can’t even imagine trying to eat another human being but as moral standards continue to fall, we see more of this and other heinous acts that morality used to prevent from happening at least at this scale. Depraved David Harker butchered Julie Paterson, 31, and then he had sex with the corpse before chopping her up and making pasta using the flesh from her thigh. Harker went out for drinks with Paterson, then he talked her into going home with him for sex, where he committed the dastardly deed.

From The Daily Star

A monster cannibal killer strangled a mum with her own tights before chopping her up and eating her.

Depraved David Harker butchered Julie Paterson, 31, before having sex with her corpse then hacking off flesh from her thigh with a meat cleaver.

He then cooked and ate a stomach-churning meal using pasta, garlic and cheese.

Julie disappeared after meeting Harker on a night out in Darlington in 1998.

They had a few drinks in the pub before he persuaded her to go back to his flat for sex.

Harker hid the gruesome remains of his victim in his basement, cutting off her arms, legs and head before dumping her torso in a bin bag.

He eventually confessed to his horrific crime, boasting to pals “I’ve killed a girl called Julie”.

Cops later searched his flat, with one forensic officer describing it as scene from horror film Silence of the Lambs.

And her devastated family were further tormented after Harker is said to have sent them a twisted riddle which read:

“I have a bank but have no money.

I have falls and keep on going

I have a bed but do not sleep

I have a mouth but do not feed.

What am I? Do you know where it is?”

Heartbroken brother, Michael, revealed how his family’s life has been ruined by the evil killing.

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