Rep. Chip Roy will no longer put up with Nancy Pelosi’s nonsense. His rant was epic, surely it will go down in the record books.

He is all-in when it comes to doing the right thing. The best part? He is not done yet! We have at least one good reason to believe that the best has yet to come. So, what’s next on the list?

Roy hit the House floor and shocked everyone with his rant against the House Speaker and mask mandates. Pelosi and her Democrat friends keep talking about masks and deadly viruses but do forget to mention the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

“We have a crisis at our border. And we’re playing footsie with mask mandates in the People’s House!… I can’t execute my Constitutional duty unless I wear a mask. Well, which is it? Vaccines or masks? The vaccines work or they don’t work…!”

Americans will never take them seriously. Pelosi left the border open and thousands of people enter our country on a daily basis. Democrats are not even concerned about this. Joe Biden and his administration don’t even think of closing the border. He is literally welcoming these people in the US. “Don’t waste your time, people, come over here!”

Roy has so much to say, and he is saving the best for last. The representative gave Democrats another blast on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Democrats are using their entire energy on mask mandates and unapproved jabs. They are obsessed with the whole vaccine thing. The Big Tech follows through and Google forces its employees to get the jab. Facebook did the same. Everyone has to receive the experimental vaccine.

According to the USA Today:

Google on Wednesday became the first major tech company to require COVID vaccinations of employees working at the company’s facilities. Shortly afterward, Facebook also said it will make vaccines mandatory for U.S. employees who work in offices. Both companies said they would consider exceptions for medical and other reasons.

In a message to Google’s 130,000-plus workers worldwide, CEO Sundar Pichai said the policy would go into effect in the U.S. in the coming weeks and abroad in the following months, and it would be dependent on vaccines being widely available.

While celebrating the sight of some employees back at Google campuses, Pichai also said the voluntary work-from-home policy would be extended through Oct. 18 because of the emergence of the delta variant.

“Even as the virus continues to surge in many parts of the world, it’s encouraging to see very high vaccination rates for our Google community in areas where vaccines are widely available,” Pichai wrote. “… Getting vaccinated is one of the most important ways to keep ourselves and our communities healthy in the months ahead.”

This is really a puzzling stance the left is making.

There’s already quite a bit of unanswered questions surrounding the vaccine and its effectiveness, so why are they pushing it so heavily at this moment?

Not to mention, recent polling shows “vaccine choice” is a bipartisan issue.

Most Americans don’t want to be “told” to put something into their bodies, especially something that feels very strange by a lot of people.

Sources: Waynedupree, Noqreport, Lifezette

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  1. rangerrebew

    He had better have a hired gun watching his back full time. A lot of friends of democrats have met with mysterious ways of dying early after they crossed a leader, in particular the Clintons.


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