Father of NYC attack victim comes forward with desperate plea that has Chuck Schumer looking like the schmuck he is.

James Drake is the father of Darren Drake, one of eight victims recently murdered in a terror attack that occurred in New York City. This attack was made possible by a diversity policy backed by Senator Chuck Schumer that allows immigrants to receive visas based off of a lottery type system. 50,000 visas are sponsored by this ‘diversity’ policy despite that fact that America is already, and has been for quite sometime, the most diverse country in the world.

President Trump’s extreme vetting measures are the only solution to this sort of terrorism and the sooner the country comes to the realization the fewer number of innocent Americans will die at the hands of criminals male who should have never been allowed into our country to begin with.

Via Liberty Writers:

James Drake’s son, Darren Drake, 32, was one of the eight victims of the horrific attack. He went on Fox News and made a heartbreaking plea for common sense to prevail and for us to back Trump’s vetting plan.

He called Darren the “perfect son” and told how he was pursuing his second Masters degree and was on the local school board. How he was respected and liked by all because he was such a good kid.

He told Fox News,

“These people, they come to the country and they hurt us. I just think that vetting should be a lot more difficult to allow these people who come into the country, especially a single man. You get these radicals, and my son is the victim.”

Immigration must be strictly monitored in order to prevent tragedy, that isn’t to say immigrants aren’t welcome, simply that the US needs to start taking a page out of the books of every other country in the world seeing as becoming an American citizen is far easier than it is to become a citizen ANYWHERE ElSE!

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  1. Gen

    This poor Man my heart breaks for him.There is nothing worse than a parent losing a child.His heart will break forever.Chuck Schumer does not care about Americans he cares more about Immigrants.It is so shameful, some of these people were here from other countries the come for vacation and they get killed,this is so shameful,I am so sorry to all those people and there families!! ay they Rest in Peace!!

  2. Fran

    Losing a Child through Cancer or Illness of any kind is hard , but these people to lose a Child through Terror is so horrible, senseless and uncalled for in America. I feel so sorry these people had to suffer to yet another hateful person who had no business being here in America. How does Men in Government have the Audastidy to pass such a stupid Bill for lottery run immigration to win a free pass to the USA.
    This again was a Democrat idiotic Liberal laced Obama, Schumer ploy to destroy America where people can come in here and slaughter anyone they want and as many as they can. Where did the Obama Administration get the idea this was a good thing? So much wrong doing all these past 8 years, and we have leaders who do nothing to charge and arrest these people who ran this Country in the ground because of the Hate and greed they have against the American Population who pay them to run this Country. How could anyone have been so Blind to Vote Obama and his Cult of People to run this Country of Ours. I knew he was Evil when he decided to Run for Office. When you have a Gut feeling about someone you must follow whatever information you can get about them long before they win the nomination. We knew nothing about Obama the Muslim, he hid all he could and sealed all his info, I found that out same year he came out pulling the wool over all of you who voted for him. You were so brainwashed, now look where we are, People fighting, dividing, hating, trying to make race a cause, ridiculous & stupid.


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