Chuck Schumer just said the most idiotic thing about radical Islam.

Sebastian Gorka sets him straight, read below…


From Conservative 101:

In an interview with Breitbart White House Deputy Assistant Dr. Sebastian Gorka crushed Chuck Schumer on his idiotic ISIS comments. Schumer argued that Trump’s immigration policy will help fuel ISIS. Gorka called this idea ‘absolutely absurd’.

Gorka stated, “The idea that any executive order, any government document, lessens or increases the hatred of the Islamist jihadis for America simply means you do not understand the threat.”

Gorka explained to the liberal that, “We are still infidels, whoever the president is, and whatever executive orders are signed. The idea that suddenly ISIS will be nice to us, if we behave a certain way – that makes our government hostage to these maniacs, and that will never happen.”

Gorka then criticized liberals for following their emotions instead of using facts. “It’s not about truth. It’s not about facts. The real fake news is coming from those organs, and they’re not interested in national security; they’re interested in narrative. Those days are over.”

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  1. Katalin GL

    Helyes, Gorka Sebestyén! Tarts ki, mutass példát józan és előrelátó okos felelősségteljes gondolatokkal! Időnként pedig légyszives fűzd közbe, hogy “mi Magyarok ‘” — !
    További jó munkát!

  2. Sherrill

    Thank you from a conservative American, I’m not going to fall victim to those Muslims grand scheme of takeover- not in my country!


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