It’s that time of the year again folks! Watchdogs are out to take down anything that resembles or even mentions God or Jesus in connection with Christmas. Don’t even say “Merry Christmas!” Tolerance for anything but Christian beliefs.

From NBC 4i:

The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation says the village of St. Bernard could face legal action if the display in front of its City Hall isn’t removed.

Foundation officials say they recently sent a letter to the village, saying that it can’t continue to display the nativity scene on village property and asking for a written response after it’s removed.

St. Bernard’s law director says the village administration has no intention of removing the nativity scene. He says it’s merely part of a larger display including other secular symbols of Christmas and doesn’t violate the Constitution.

The Nativity scene was just one element of the many other decorations in front of the City Hall. But of course, Santa is ok but Jesus is a big no-no.


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