Just when you thought the Uvalde Police Department couldn’t possibly cover themselves in any more glory, they go and find a way to outdo themselves.

Uvalde Police Department is doing its best to hide the truth from the public.

Uvalde city officials and the police department are using a legal loophole and several other broad exemptions in Texas to prevent the release of “highly embarrassing information”  related to last month’s mass shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

They believed releasing the footage could expose “weaknesses” in the police force, and they wouldn’t want that, now would they?

The Uvalde police department has been under scrutiny for failing to respond quickly and accurately to tragic events that left 21 dead

The police in Uvalde, Texas, never attempted to open a classroom door while a gunman spent 77 minutes killing 19 children and two teachers who were inside, according to the Gateway Pundit report. 

Our friends from The Gateway Pundit provided us with these details:

A law enforcement source told the San Antonio Express-News that surveillance footage from Robb Elementary School shows that police made no effort to open the door. The report further states there is reason to believe it may have been unlocked. 

The surveillance footage from the May 24 massacre has not been publicly released but has been seen by the Express-News.

This is one of the reasons why Uvalde city officials are trying to prevent the release of public records including body camera footage, photos, 911 calls, emails, text messages, criminal records, and more, Vice reported.

Under the Texas Public Information Act, “Dead Suspect Loophole,” which was created in the 1990s, “will deny family members and the public the details about cases when someone charged with a crime dies while in custody.”

In a letter addressed to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Cynthia Trevino of Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech law firm seek an exemption to block the release of public records concerning the deadly Texas massacre.

Axios had some scoop on the story:

The city’s lawyer Cynthia Trevino argues that Uvalde, which has received 148 separate public records requests, should not have to release them because the city is being sued and investigated for the police department’s response to the shooting, and because some records could include “highly embarrassing information.”

  • “The City has not voluntarily released any information to a member of the public,” Trevino said in the letter.
  • The lawyer also claims some of that information is “not of legitimate concern to the public” and could reveal “methods, techniques, and strategies for preventing and predicting crime.”
  • Releasing the records could cause “emotional/mental distress” and poses a “substantial threat of physical harm … for certain employees or city officials,” the letter states.

Yes, but: The letter doesn’t note who the records are about, how their release would be “highly embarrassing” and why they would not be “of legitimate concern to the public.”

Considering the hell the citizens of Uvalde have already been put through and the hell they still stand to be put through if their safety depends on incompetents, the very least they deserve is to see exactly what happened the day of the shooting as well as everything that led up to it and occurred in the aftermath.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Axios, Vice, ABC News

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