Right after Chris Cuomo got fired by CNN, he has demanded that he be entitled to a hefty amount of dollars. Wow!

By far, Chris was fired after he has allegedly been helping his brother, the former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to battle allegations of sexual harassment.

Well, maybe he got fired because people wanted real news and very objective but that isn’t the case for Chris’ career.

I mean, most mainstream media fails to live up to this standard time and time again, it is still the standard by which we judge, right?

But this man is different, he always wanted subjective news particularly on personalities he doesn’t get along with, PS. Donald Trump.

They have been falling and tearing apart after they tried to attack former President Donald Trump.

Page Six reported:

One source said: “Chris insists he never did anything for his brother Andrew that Zucker didn’t know about.

“His camp believes Zucker wasn’t fired for an inappropriate relationship with Allison Gollust. Everybody knew about that and nobody cared.

“What he believes happened is WarnerMedia found something in their investigation into Chris, perhaps internal memos or documents which revealed more about Zucker’s involvement with Andrew Cuomo. Gollust was just a convenient excuse.”

And regardless of what happened with his career with CNN, he is now claiming a 60 million dollar as he believes that his career has been ruined after his CNN contract would only net him 18 million dollars.

That is still a huge amount of money but this man wanted Megyn Kelly money”, who left NBC with $69 million.

Lastly, Daily Mail added:

During a meeting between Kilar and CNN’s DC newsroom last week, host Jake Tapper alluded to the theory that Cuomo leaked information about Zucker’s relationship with an executive to secure a better exit package, according to New York Times media reporter Michael Grynbaum.

‘An outsider observer might say, well it looks like Chris Cuomo succeeded. He threatened, Jeff said we don’t negotiate with terrorists, and Chris blew up the place. How do we get past that perception that this is the bad guy winning?’ Tapper asked.

Watch it here: Youtube/ The Real Daytime

Sources: We Love Trump, Page Six, Daily Mail

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