Caught in the grip of rampant ‘wokeness’ and inclusivity, Disney’s American tradition and heritage suffers a mighty blow, as a third round of layoffs threatens to undermine the company’s core foundation.

Disney, is buckling under its own progressive weight, initiating its third wave of layoffs, with rumors suggesting a staggering 2,500 jobs on the line, according to insiders. Deadline reports indicate that this wave of job cuts is indiscriminate, sparing none of the company’s divisions. Particularly interesting is the fact that the television sector, previously hardest hit by layoffs, is likely to witness minimal job losses this round.

Disney’s name has become synonymous with a fiercely debated “wokeness” and overzealous inclusivity push. It’s seemingly good intentioned pursuit of more diverse narratives in its content has, ironically, sparked heated controversy and ensuing layoffs. This tug-of-war between traditional Disney values and progressive agendas begs the question – at what cost does ‘wokeness’ come?

Earlier this month, Disney pulled the plug on a proposed office complex, Lake Nona Town Center, in Orlando, Florida. This decision followed months of contentious exchanges with Governor Ron DeSantis, putting a whopping $17 billion in investments for Walt Disney World at risk. Expected to generate over 2,000 jobs, the project was abruptly abandoned citing escalating costs and fluctuating business conditions. This move came on the heels of a lawsuit Disney slapped on DeSantis and the state’s oversight board, alleging a vengeful retaliation campaign compromising Disney’s constitutional rights and economic prospects.

The company seems to be veering away from its core family audience, succumbing instead to more liberal viewpoints. Examples abound, including the introduction of a Muslim superhero in “Ms. Marvel,” tackling transgender issues in a television show, and issuing warnings about ‘racist’ crows in the classic film “Dumbo” on Disney+.

The timing of Disney’s business struggles, coinciding with its push towards inclusivity and ‘wokeness’, raises eyebrows about the wisdom of their strategic direction. It’s challenging to draw a direct link, but the correlation raises questions – Is Disney’s pursuit of progressive narratives contributing to its present turmoil? The company faces a difficult task of balancing its progressive narratives while staying faithful to its time-honored, family-friendly brand.

According to Insider, Disney plans to cut a total of about 7,000 jobs this year as part of austerity measures instigated by CEO Bob Iger. Iger returned to the leadership after the previous boss Bob Chapek was dethroned last November. The CEO shared that the layoffs would roll out in three phases, with the final batch starting “before the beginning of the summer.”

This round of layoffs does not appear to target any specific division of the company, as confirmed by Disney CFO Christine McCarthy during a recent company earnings call. McCarthy stated that cuts in marketing and personnel, particularly at Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution – the content and distribution unit dismantled by Iger – would account for “the bulk of the efficiencies” the company plans to implement this year.

With the balance of tradition and progressive narratives hanging in the balance, the future of Disney, a company that has been a cornerstone of American culture and family entertainment for generations, remains uncertain. We can only hope that the company will navigate this challenging period without further compromising its roots or undermining the values that made it a cherished institution in the first place.

Sources: Trendingpoliticsnews, Deadline, Insider

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    I used to love the Disney movies and Disney land. Now I don’t care if they go broke.


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