We know from the start that Biden’s border policy sided with illegal aliens, he welcome illegals with hands wide open, and Americans are now paying the price.

Ever since Former President Trump stepped down from office, Biden’s regime made some drastic changes to become more lenient with illegals along the southern border.

It’s alarming that we’ve reached the critical level of the border crisis, but Biden’s regime continues to ignore it in their effort to protect the illegal immigrants flooding across America. They even work to defund ICE.

Maybe some are afraid of crossing the line, but not this prominent figure who starts exposing the so-called President.

Thanks to Dr. Mehmet Oz for standing up once again, the Pennsylvania Senate Candidate blasted Biden’s “catastrophic” immigration policies on Fox News’s “Hannity,” saying “every state is truly a border state.”

Excerpt from Dr. Oz discussing border policies during the interview, via Fox News’s “Hannity”:

Folks here are concerned already about the immigration issues because I know they use social services, and it also speaks to the broken covenant between Americans and the government. We obey the law, we pay our taxes. The government secures our border. Where [there is] porous border, not only do we get illegal immigrants, we support cartels that are human trafficking and they’re bringing opiates across the border as we’ve heard from two prior guests this evening. So every state is truly a border state, as I tweeted out, and I think these middle-of-the-night flights Wilkes-Barre Scranton airport are really a problem. It’s not whether ICE or Health and Human Services is responsible for the flights. It’s the reality that these people become the responsibility of every local community, every local government — and Pennsylvanians deserve answers.

The first thing, when you walk into an operating room as a surgeon, that’s what I do … you shine a light on the wound. You want to be able to see everything. The Biden administration is doing the opposite. Obfuscating, clouding the view, darkening the room, and they’re hiding dangerous ramifications of this failed border policy. If we had an 18 percent incidence of COVID last summer among illegal immigrants, imagine what it is today. And think about the crime and drug stats that are skyrocketing in places like Philadelphia with higher homicide rates than ever before seen — period … Even more than the crack wars of the 1990s. A lot of this is related to overall frustration because you don’t know who’s who. 

Given Dr. Oz’s extreme social status, this incredible statement will surely reach a wide audience. However, it will take more than a few minutes on Fox News should we hope to see any change in the border policies.

Dr. Oz realizes that this border crisis needs immediate action or America will suffer in the long run. Hence, why just one month ago he announced plans to run for the US Senate this upcoming election season.

The outlet We Love Trump noted: 

The border isn’t going to resolve itself. In fact, thanks to the Biden Presidency, much of the damage done is now irreversible with no way to track illegals who have managed to enter.

One may think Democrats would support enforcing stronger border policies in order to help lower COVID-19 cases; one of their biggest concerns at the moment.

But, they won’t.

Doing so would serve as a political statement: admitting Republicans were right in their efforts to secure our southern border.

Sources: WeLovedTrump, Fox News


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  1. Lisa

    I think oz is a RINO, he has a hint of dem in him and I don’t like it…I WILL NOT vote for him


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