Friends, I am going to tell you the difference between how a liberal and a conservative thinks. I’m going to use the setting of the break room at your office.

A conservative walks into the break room at work to eat lunch. They see one of their coworkers eating, and ask them what they’re having. Whatever the answer happens to be, they tell them that it is gross and they should try the turkey sandwich the conservative is having for lunch.

The liberal will walk into the same break room and see someone eating something that they don’t like. They will slap the food out of the person’s mouth, and knock the table over. That’s how they act when they see something they don’t like…

Deplorable Trump supporters just scored a huge MAGA victory in Georgia. They passed a new law which has liberals freaking out. “Votes will be suppressed!” They scream. Zombies, illegal aliens, and multiple ballot casting robots who helped steal the 2020 election won’t be allowed to vote in the next one.

Things are looking grim for conservatives under the illegitimate regime headed by Imperial Leader Joe Biden but finally there’s at least a glimmer of sunshine. On Thursday, conservative state lawmakers nailed down a law introduced by MAGA inspired patriots requiring “more stringent voter verification requirements for absentee ballots.”

Georgia also will now allow “state officials to take over election boards.” Ballot drop boxes will be restricted in number for security. Also, the new law allows “any Georgian to make unlimited challenges to voter registrations.”

Conservative Governor Brian Kemp had his pen out and ready, waiting for the final version of the bill to be delivered.

His MAGA hat wearing constituents were ready to chase him up a peach tree and burn it, after he refused to cooperate with the election integrity investigation. The GOP is imploding from all the RINOs who were caught selling out America as Democrat sleeper cells last fall.

Progressive liberals are furious. If Zombies and illegals can’t vote, then the whole thing is racist, they scream. How dare they require things like identification in order to vote. Black Lives Matter riots are being prepared in response.

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  1. Big Ed

    Georgia changed their voter laws and registrations to eliminate dead people, non-citizens, people who have moved to other jurisdictions from being able to register to vote and the Democrats think it is the end of the world-voter suppression they call it. Imagine taking away someone’s voting rights just because they died. So, now they are talking about bringing in antifa and BLM to demonstrate (otherwise known as burning, looting, rioting and general mischief. Might I suggest “nipping this intimidation in the bud”, as Governor DeSantis did in Florida. He basically pre-approved all means of protecting your property-they come to burn and loot, you come to spurn and shoot. Has anyopne else noticed they haven’t has riots in Florida?

  2. Robert Higginbotham

    The voter law passed in Georgia is a good start but far from complete. There are also 49 other states that need to revise or complete redo their laws and to purge their voter rolls. A so-called voter should not be allowed to register and vote the same day. As for those that protest because cheating is they only way they can get someone elected, they are called democrats!


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