Sofya Mikhailovna , the 80-year-old grey haired Russian woman is alleged to have killed three people. If the killing of three people is not heinous enough, how she disposed of some of the body parts is even more so. There is a  jellied meat treat Aspic that Mikhailovna would make using the remains of her victims and she would feed it to the local children and sometimes adults. I cannot imagine the horror of finding out that you have eaten human flesh. Pass the George, please.

From The Daily Star

An evil grandmother has been accused of murdering people she didn’t like and feeding them to unsuspecting neighbours and kids.

The 80-year-old grey haired Russian woman is alleged to have killed three people, including an eight-year-old girl, a female friend and a lodger.

Police became suspicious of Sofya Mikhailovna after body parts began popping up in bins around the city and cops feared they could belong to Mikhailovna missing lodger Vasily Shlyakhtich.

After obtaining a search warrant for the elderly woman’s home, police allegedly found human organs in Mikhailovna’s fridge.

One Khabarovsk local, Tatyana, said police confirmed what she had once suspected – that the 80-year-old used meat from people she killed to make jellied treat Aspic.

She said: “We always found it strange that despite being surly and unfriendly, she would often find the time to cook things for the local children.

“They were always meat dishes.

“Sometimes she gave them to the adults, she bought me and my husband plates with jellied meat.

“I remember it well because my husband said let’s not eat it, you never know what it was made from, and now it looks like he was right.”

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