Fauci is one of Biden’s top manipulators, he will do everything in service to his master Joe.

And recently, he was heavily criticized for using beagle puppies for their sick experiments.

No wonder many people from left to right have been calling for his resignation after reports arose that he has been allowing funding for this sick experiment.

But what is more intriguing, the attribution of the funding for these experiments to Fauci’s National Institutes of Health has been retroactively removed from the relevant documents.

A conservative organization, White Coat Waste have scrutinized the superfluous research being funded with American tax dollars, first publicized the beagle studies.

Publicly available records stated that the NIH had funded these now-controversial experiments, giving White Coat Waste a direct link between them and Fauci, and recently, these records are now altered.

The sudden denial of NIH funding not only caused suspicions but also it has created a problem that researchers and publishers could become so confused about where their money was coming from, corruption is the number one aspect.

Recently, Dr. Death Fauci’s documentary is now earning abysmally negative feedback from the public since it was announced.

Solely, the conservative organization has been focusing on the correction as they see it as an NIH’s attempt to cover up something which has become a source of unwelcome controversy. it’s hard to disagree with that opinion and Fauci should be explaining himself now as both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have demanded answers on why these experiments caused such visceral reactions amongst animal lovers, were given public funding.

Source: News Hour First

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  1. Jan13

    When are we going to demand Fraudci be scrubbed from public view? Sick of seeing this lying troll on the news. He is a big reason everything went to crap last year; people losing their business, kids out of school, having to wear a mask, etc..he helped develop the virus, now on top of that, the torture of dogs & using kids for Aids research. He is one sick bastard.


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