When someone tells you something, you always have to consider the source.

For example, there is a small corner bar that I go to a time or two a week when I am in town and there is never a shortage of stories.

There’s one guy that is always there that is constantly talking about how his kids are doing in school, and then he will usually show a picture of the game they were in or the award that they won.

Then you will get the old drunk that smells like rat piss, who keeps telling you he was the guy that invented the iPhone. I would say if I had to trust someone to give me information that I was supposed to believe I would take the first guy’s word over the piss smelling drunk.

Investigative reports show that Stefan Halper was the spy working for the FBI in the Trump campaign. This big man and indicted cocaine addict was who the FBI relied on in its attempted coup of the President of the United States.

We know that Stefan Halper had an addiction to crack cocaine and records surrounding his arrest in Virginia in the 1990’s have been destroyed:

This didn’t stop the FBI from using Halper as a spy.  Halper is widely suspected of being Source 2 in the IG’s report on FISA abuse.  According to the Federalist reported that the FBI used data from Halper claiming it was reliable until the final Carter Page FISA renewal [highlights added]:

On the third and final renewal application, the FBI finally divulged that its informant, Halper, had previously been terminated because the FBI questioned his motivation for informing. The terms “opened” and “closed” in this case mean “hired” and “fired,” respectively.

“In or about December 2008, Source #2 was opened as an FBI source. In or about January 2011, Source #2 was closed as an FBI source for, among other things, motivation for reporting, but not for validity of reporting. Source #2 was reopened in or about March 2011. Since that time, Source #2 has routinely provided reliable information,” IG investigators wrote. The IG found no supporting documentation for this claim either.

On page 352 of the report, an agent told investigators Halper had been “closed for cause” in 2011, resulting in “interpersonal conflict.” The agent also said when he hired Halper again for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, Halper was told this was his “‘last opportunity’ and that the FBI would not tolerate the issues that had arisen in the past.”

Again, this source, whom the FBI apparently had multiple personnel issues with in the past, was the source the FBI cited in its applications to obtain permission to wiretap Trump campaign associates.

The IG Report actually says this about Halper’s firing in 2011:

Source 2 was closed by the FBI in 2011 for “aggressiveness toward handling agents as a result of what [Source 2] perceived as not enough compensation” and “questionable allegiance to the [intelligence] targets” with which Source 2 maintained contact. However, Source 2 was re-opened 2 months later by Case Agent 1, and was handled by Case Agent 1 from 2011 through 2016 as part of Case Agent l’s regular investigative activities at an FBI field office. The FBI conducted human source validation reviews on Source 2 in 2011, 2013, and 2017.

So the FBI’s source to take down the President of the United States was a cocaine addict who had been fired from the FBI in 2008 for interpersonal conflict (drug addiction?), aggressiveness toward handling agents (related to drug addiction?), allegiance to the target of his spying (a drug dealer?), and then rehired on the basis that the FBI would not tolerate the issues that had arisen in the past.

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  1. neo

    Why not use a “drug addict” the CIA has plenty of “payment ” on hand, that they were afraid of revealed by the incoming leadership….Not only would their “stash” be exposed , but also their source… the “war in Afghanistan”..

  2. Robert

    Now some sem to think like Trump that he is above the law, now nothing was done to Trunmp that has or is not done to any other person the FBI is investigating. Getting information is sometimes hard so you use anything available to you to find out the FACTS, now in some cases people have been taken out of jail and set up to spy on illegal activities because they have a way of getting inside to find the information.
    Now when the Trump campaign had over 100 PROVEN CONTACTS with RUSSIN INTELLIGENVCE AGENTS, why should the FBI not use everything att heir disposal to get to the truth.

    • Mark Little

      Robert, you need to go back to sixth grade to learn how to spell. Not too bright are you?

  3. Jesse

    Those involved in spying on Trump and those trying to remove Trump from office ILLEGALLY and who tried to stop his being Elected should be in a cell awaiting a Noose for their TREASON. Obozo should be the first one to swing for this and his other acts of TREASON against America plus that farce called the Iran deal which is TREASON against all HUMANITY.

  4. Dennis B Anderson

    I can hardly wait till all of you scum sucking pigs get your government handouts taken away from you. All the rules and regulations stripped from Obama`s coffers. You deadbeats and illegals will have to get some education to do the jobs that are available. No more shipping the Chinese here to do the jobs you dumb hasses can`t even comprehend. Party is over and Cinco de Mayo in the USA will become a faded memory.


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