Flag stomping and burning seems to be all the rage these days, in the name of freedom of speech. One teacher who was photographed stomping the flag in the classroom is taking heat for his actions.


From US Herald:

On Wednesday, a 9-hour closed-door session was held to determine the faith of the embattled teacher, and my most accounts things aren’t looking good.

After the closed-door hearing Cumberland County Schools Superintendent Frank Till Jr., read a statement in part saying; “Regarding the legal aspect, many quote Texas v. Johnson where the First Amendment protection explained in this case does not extend to a teacher in the performance of his or her duties in a public classroom. Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West has determined that there was no criminal violation.”

Till continued; “I have determined discipline is appropriate based on violating our policies”.

It turns out the school board upheld the educator’s 10-day suspension without pay as punishment for stepping on the American flag in a 5 – 2 vote. Francis told Martin the school board members in attendance voted along racial lines. Stepping on the American flag has nothing to do with race and Francis bringing race up at all in this case makes it appear he is playing the race card.

He is still awaiting to find out if his teacher’s license will be revoked.

As an American citizen, I think that flag stomping is a very disrespectful way to practice “freedom of speech,” what do you think? Share below…

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