In Michigan, four football players from a Catholic School including the starting quarterback who’s a team captain revealed that they planned to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem for their next game, Lansing State Journal reported.

After rumors spread of their sick plan the coach did something that has every patriot cheering. Take a look:


This was his brutal message for them: “we will continue to hold our student-athletes to the expectation that they stand for our National Anthem,” the paper said. “Any student-athlete who chooses not to stand will receive consequences. As always, this will be handled with Christian Charity, with the goal of growth in virtue.”

Michael Lynn III, Lansing Catholic’s starting quarterback, told the paper the decision felt like “oppression.”
“I get they are a private school and they can do what they want,” Lynn III told the Journal. “They are right, they can. But that doesn’t make it humane, and that does not make it OK that they can do that because that still is my right to peaceful protest. Not only am I peaceful protesting, but I’m protesting as a primary source. I am a young black man in America. I’ve had to deal with certain things that other people will never have to deal with.”
“I said this in the meeting [with the school],” he added to the paper. “I said this feels like oppression. This feels like you’re trying to silence me and it feels like you’re not giving me the right to do what Americans should be able to do.”

I think it serves these young football players right and should teach them a lesson about showing respect for our anthem and country! Many heroes fought and died for that flag and it’s up to us American citizens to honor their sacrifice!

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  1. MA in MO

    I totally agree young man that you have the right to freedom of expression, the right to protest a country that gives you so much, a right to express your preconceived ideas of oppression. You are NOT oppressed or there is no way you would be attending a private school. However, as a member of the football team, you are representing your school. As a representative of your school it ceases to be about YOU and becomes about what is best for the school. Just like in the NFL, those players or protesting while being paid, and I might add very well, on their bosses dime. When they are on the clock, they are representing their team and the NFL. It ceases to be about them and becomes what is best for the team.

    • Wanda

      Yes you have the right to do whatever you want, but remember there is always consequences good or bad with every choice you make. And by taking a knee what has it accomplish for the black people? Nothing!!! Let the football players out up or shut up! What have they done for the black communities? Those football players are hero’s to the inner city kids! Go into the inner cities and show those that they can be anything they choose to be. Those kids need role model not someone taking a knee which does nothing for the kids! Give them HOPE!

  2. Arthro

    Well done, Coach. Look to develop the second string quarterback – you need a better team leader.

  3. Lynn in Nebraska

    Yes, you have the right to protest. But the forum for your protest has been & is a slap in the face to all those, including blacks, who have bled & died to secure that right for you. I make no apology for telling you that your blatent disrespect of the American Flag & National Anthem is hypocrasy. You should be on your knees outside of the game, thanking God for allowing you to be born in this country where you have the chance to make something great of yourself ONLY because so many lives were given to secure that chance for you. Protest on your own time; NOT by dishonoring yourself as you are planning to do in this way. Just as the NFL players are quickly losing the respect of American patriotic public, you as well will gain no respect for your cause in this way. Have gutts enough to stand up & salute the Flag properly! Protest elsewhere.

  4. Jackie

    You cannot have freedom of speech when the flag is flown! You cannot even become a citizen of the United States if you do not show respect for our flag! so I guess you guys are all idiots!

  5. Shelly

    I wonder if the quarterback feels oppressed while he attends private school? Does he pay full tuition, or does he get to go for free?

  6. Letty Jane Mackin

    Life is not ruled on your “feelings”. It’s all about your actions, your willingness to be part “of the whole”.

  7. Lou from Massachusetts

    As a veteran, like all veterans, I signed and pledged to protect our country at any cost so this young man can protest peacefully but it is obvious he has no common sense. What good is he and those NFL players doing for the black community? Just getting many people black and white so PO’d it is setting back your black community. Nice going boys. Get your butts into the community and help out. If you are black, white or green show respect to your country and our flag and thank God every day you have a chance to make something of yourself. If you choose to be a jerk and disrespect your parents, police and country you don’t deserve to live in the Best Country ever known. Young man not everyone is perfect, including you, and maybe even a police officer but don’t give him or her a reason to hurt you. Don’t put yourself in that position. Teach that to your friends in the hood!
    Agree with you Lynn from Nebraska!

  8. Tammbra

    I bet if you ask them even NFL what oppression means none of them would know, they are just copy carting the NFL, which stands for not for long if they keep it up, even the beer Budweiser will pull out. Your time not ours we pay your salaries you work for us, no fans no nfl

    • Tammbra

      I bet if you ask them even NFL what oppression means none of them would know, they are just copy carting the NFL, which stands for not for long if they keep it up, even the beer Budweiser will pull out. Your time not ours we pay your salaries you work for us, no fans no nfl, sorry copycatting

  9. Jim ray

    If you feel oppressed in America why not leave , we won’t hold you back ! Copy cat !

  10. Jim jakosh

    I think the little shits should take a good look at their place in this world and see what they have to protest about! If they were starving , lived like the desert people with no housing or utilities and not allowed to vote and generally crapped on by everyone around them, they might have a point. BUT, they live in the USA, the greatest nation in the world and have so many opportunities and luxuries already that their protests are unfounded. They are spoiled ingrates and don’t appreciate all they have………….and they are pissing it way with their stupid following of Copperneck who is a spoiled overpaid athlete.
    One other thing about the protestors in general, they should be put on the police force for at least a month in the worst neighborhoods in the city and see how they would view the human trash they have to put up with every day !! Some of the cops snap at the tension and that does not make them all bad. That Black Lives matter is a racist group that is taught to target police and may have been killed as a result. Every one should be protesting them , Antifa , the KKK and the Nazis……………..we should not have to put up with any of those hate groups!!!!!!!!

  11. Howard

    I’m oppressed – I’m BLACK — BULLSHIT — Make your world what you want it to be , don’t use your skin color as your excuse for FAILURE , set your goals and accomplish them The ONLY 1 who can stop YOU — IS YOU — DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN , don’t follow fools , set your own goals & move forward .

    • ed

      you are exactly correct!! i hate to see the kids copycatting others when they have no idea what oppression is!! if you were to ask each one what oppression means to them that you would get a lot of answers that dont even pertain to oppression. these kids are headed down the wrong road. they need to set personal goals and accomplish them as others do. just because you dont get everything you want given to you dont mean you are oppressed. get you head out of your 3rd point of contact and get your life on track to excel in life!! the other road does not offer anything good. i gave this country 26 years of military service and you are basically slapping me in the face for serving and protecting this country from others that want what we have but if they take over, you will not have the rights you enjoy now. these kids going to a private school probably has not wanted for anything cause it costs a bunch of money to send kids to private schools….so i know they do not understand what oppression means!!




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