A man and his wife were having dinner with friends. The wife left and her husband followed ten minutes later. The wife was allegedly grabbed from behind as she neared her apartment complex and pulled into the bushes, where the man choked her as he raped her. The husband came along and heard a noise from the bushes and says he saw the man choking and raping his wife. He punched the rapist in the head and then pulled out his Swiss army knife and lopped the man’s penis off. The man’s screams woke up the entire neighborhood.

From Fox News

Reports say the couple were spending time with their friends at a local restaurant. At about 1 a.m. the wife left, with her husband following ten minutes later.

But as she walked near her apartment block, the 25-year-old rapist, Dmitry Ivchenko, allegedly attacked her from behind while covering her mouth.

When the victim’s husband reached the apartment block, he heard noises coming from the bushes and claimed to see Ivchenko squeezing his victim’s throat while raping her.

The furious husband then allegedly attacked the rapist and hit him on the head with a fist, before grabbing his Swiss army knife and chopping his penis off, local media report.

Attorney Dmitry Spaskin said: “The husband lost the ability to control his actions. He did not understand what he was doing.”

The victim’s mother immediately reported Ivchenko to the police while others called an ambulance for him as he was bleeding heavily.

Mr. Spaskin said: “After the incident, the husband was in a state of shock and just walked away. He walked about 13 kilometers (eight miles) and reached a neighboring village. There he met an acquaintance and asked to drive him to a police station.”

The husband was charged with causing grievous bodily harm and put under house arrest.

He said to local media: “I cannot explain what happened to me at that moment.”

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