A serial dog rapist has been found guilty on 96 of 221 counts f sex with dogs over a seven year period. He will be sentenced on December 18th for his crimes. It is not known how many dogs he may have had sex with over the seven years but he was known to have sex with dogs of both male and female persuasion. Itm i8s not yet known if he will be furloughed from prison in order to read to kids at the local library. Hem was also known to steal the underwear of women and children off the clothesline. I would like to know how he didn’t get caught for those seven years.

From The Daily Star

A dog rapist had sex with a golden retriever and at least three other pooches in a seven-year campaign of perverted behaviour.

Dean Anthony Sellenthin, 43, pleaded guilty to 96 out of 221 charges.

The charges include bestiality and stealing the underwear and swimwear of women and children.

He had been due to be sentenced on Friday.

However, his crimes will instead only be briefly mentioned ahead of a sentencing hearing on December 18.

Police found he had engaged in a seven-year spree of deviant behaviour in the popular tourist town of Byron Bay, Australia.

Sellenthin is alleged to have had sex with dogs at least 19 times and stole hundreds of pairs of women’s and children’s underwear.

He preyed on tourists, locals and dogs in the resort town.

Court documents allege Sellenthin committed acts of bestiality against a number of dogs, including a golden retriever and a dog named “Bear”.

It is also alleged he had sex with a black and brown male dog, and a dark short-haired female canine.

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    Cut off his dick, so he can’t do it again. And why the hell should he be furloughed to read to children. This is insanity. He doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as his victims.


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