It seems that if there is one place in the world that will test a person’s loyalty it is the world of politics. There seems to be no other place where people can turn on a dime so quickly.

Just look at the way so many so-called Republicans turned on Donald Trump once they couldn’t get anything else out of him. Now, it seems that there are some that are going to sell you out as well.

Gun ownership is a right. Not a thing that you are allowed to do because someone thinks it is a good idea, but something that the government say is something you are supposed to do. Yet, they try to make it as hard as possible. And there are some on the Republican side of things that for whatever reason are trying to help them…

‘The people’s government has determined that you are a danger to the state, you are hereby commanded to surrender your guns’. We aren’t very far from that Soviet Union-Esque proclamation today as the ‘‘Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2021″ has been filed in Congress… by a so-called Republican. Florida Senator, former Presidential Candidate. lol cow and staggering RINO Marco Rubio has filed the latest “Red Flag gun seizure” bill himself.

It’s a perfect mate for HR 127 and completes the destruction of the Second Amendment.

According to even the NRA has supported this bill, adding moral bankruptcy to their financial bankruptcy “To the great shame of gun owners everywhere, the NRA backed his bill! Their top lobbyist, Chris Cox, even cut a video endorsing the concept!”

Rubio has officially crossed the Rubicon on this one, this is quite literally a gun confiscation order that denies firearm owners due process.

Chris Cox hides behind the “ex parte” hearings which according to the NRA apparently constitutes “due process” however, this creates a scenario wherein American’s rights are violated without their having an opportunity to face their accusers, a concept which flies in the face of our founding values. The drafters of the Constitution would be absolutely appalled.

The following paragraph cannot and should not ever be tolerated in American law or jurisprudence.

“—Upon issuance of a temporary ex parte extreme risk protection order or extreme risk protection order as described in subsection (b), a respondent shall surrender all firearms and ammunition in the custody or control of the respondent to the appropriate local law enforcement agency, as determined by the State or Indian Tribe.”

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  1. Robert Higginbotham

    There is no GD piece of democrat crap that can take my firearms away from me as long as I am alive. The a-hole in the oval office can sign (he can’t write them) all the un-Constitutional EOs he wants but they are meaningless and, despite his very limited brain, he knows it.

  2. Jesse

    Rubio is not a RINO he is however a FAKE Republican. Now both are just like the MORON MEDIA meaning they are RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps but RINOS are open and public about their being RINOS. Rubio is like McConnell and Cheney they act and talk like Republicans in the public eye but once out they say to Democraps what do you want me to do Master???


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