A heroic moment was captured by a news outlet that happens to be on the scene, wherein a farmer ploughs through crops in order to help stop deadly wildfires from spreading across a field.

Last week (July 23), firefighters were called to tackle a blaze that broke out in Lenham Heath, Kent. However, the fires continued to rage in England’s countryside and spread across 20 acres of land close to the M20.

That’s when farmer Bill Alexander “rapidly stepped in” and used his tractor to cut the crops around the fire to help slow it down.

According to the Daily Mail, the fire started Friday afternoon in a south London field, located in West Wickham, Bromley.

The blaze was brought under control after 90 minutes thanks to the “heroic” actions of Alexander and firefighters.

A crew of Sky News riding a helicopter was able to record this incredible scene that captured the farmer’s heroic actions.

More from The Western Journal report:

Driving over the edge of the burnt area with what looked like a soil aerator, the driver stopped the fire in its tracks before it could spread any farther.

The farmer’s quick thinking most likely saved the landowner “thousands of pounds,” according to the Daily Mail.

The courageous farmer is still unidentified after the fire was successfully put out.

A similar fire broke out in Kent, England, on July 23, one of the country’s hottest days.

A farmer identified as Bill Alexander tackled the fire with his tractor, this time by cutting the crops that prevented the blaze from consuming any more land.

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service extinguished the wildfire after it consumed almost 20 hectares, or about 49 acres, of land.

Andy Barr, who owned the farmland on which Alexander stopped the fire, owed a debt of gratitude to the hero.

Barr also thanked the firefighters for their service.

According to reports, there were no injuries reported as a result of the Kent fire.

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