During a late-night stop at a rest area in New Kent, Virginia, truck driver Kevin Kimmel noticed something unusual about an RV parked in the Pilot Truck lot. As an experienced trucker, Kevin found it strange that an RV would park in the truck section rather than the designated RV area. His suspicions grew as he observed the RV’s blacked-out windows, an uncommon feature for a family vehicle.

When a man knocked on the RV’s door and entered, Kevin’s unease intensified. The vehicle began to rock back and forth, and after the man left, Kevin saw a young woman’s distressed face peering out from behind the black curtains. Worried for her safety, Kevin knew he had to act. As a father and grandfather, he felt a responsibility to help the girl, so he contacted the police.

Within minutes, four police cars arrived at the scene. Officers found the disheveled and malnourished woman inside the RV, where she had been abducted and forced into prostitution by an Iowa couple, Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorenson. The two were promptly arrested, thanks to Kevin’s quick thinking and keen observations.

Grateful to have helped the young woman, Kevin became more invested in combating human trafficking. He realized that truck drivers like himself, who frequent areas where victims may pass through, have a unique opportunity to make a difference. Kevin now works not only as a truck driver but also tours the country raising awareness about human trafficking.

Speaking at anti-trafficking events with Truckers Against Trafficking, Kevin shares his experiences and educates fellow truckers on the warning signs of human trafficking. He encourages them to be vigilant and report anything suspicious, making a difference across the nation.

Hodza and Sorenson were charged with sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion after admitting to luring the victim into their RV under false pretenses. They took her phone, forced her to consume alcohol and marijuana, sexually assaulted her, and posted ads on Craigslist, offering her services for money. Throughout their journey across various states, the couple subjected the victim to torture and sexual abuse.

Ultimately, the couple pleaded guilty to holding the woman hostage in their RV and forcing her to perform sex acts for money. Aldair Hodza received a 41-and-a-half-year prison sentence, while Laura Sorenson was sentenced to 40 years.

Thanks to Kevin Kimmel’s intervention, these criminals will serve their time behind bars, and his continued efforts with Truckers Against Trafficking could help save even more lives.

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